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12/10/12 6:41 P

Good luck with Goofy emoticon

Normal weight loss nutrition guidelines don't really work as well when you're in the last stages of marathon training, especially when you throw tapering and race week in there. Setting your tracker to reflect your actual calorie burn is a good start, but it may take a lot of experimentation to figure out what works for you nutritionally during that time period. Unfortunately, there's a reason not many people lose while marathon training.

If you haven't joined already, there are some good marathon-related SparkTeams on the site, and some of the members there may be able to offer some good insight as well.

BABYANGEL141 Posts: 29
12/8/12 1:16 P

Sorry not a week. I leave in a month!

BABYANGEL141 Posts: 29
12/8/12 1:15 P

Ok Zorbs, I was wondering about that. I leave in a week to go down to Florida to do the Goofy Challenge (5K, Half Marathon, Marathon). I was wondering how to eat when I am down there. Do I just eat till I feel full? Do I even bother to track that weekend?

I adjusted my calories per week that I want to burn and the error message went away. Is it ok if I don't hit that one week? Like the week before the marathon I will not hit that. Nor will I the week after. In fact I might drop it way back for the 2-3 weeks following the marathons. I know from experience my body is exhausted after a marathon and this is two back to back. It normally takes me 2-3 weeks to "recover" from a full. Should I just eat good nutritious stuff and not bother to track? Of course we aren't talking pizza, cakes and junk. I am talking good carbs, fat and protein rich sources.

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12/8/12 10:18 A

If you do an excessive amount of cardio, you may be more hungry than usual, leading to eating more. That's OK.

CASEYSAUER Posts: 1,539
12/8/12 9:42 A

I tend to believe that not all calories are the same. Some are empty and some are not. I alwasy ask myself "What type of calories did you do too much of"?

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12/8/12 7:18 A

Only if you have burnt more cals than you should that day.

This would be hard if you exercise late evening.

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12/8/12 12:14 A

Look back over your training logs, and figure out how many calories you are burning through exercise in a typical week. Then use this number to update your Spark Exercise Goals (accessible from the LH side of the Start page). Spark will take care of the rest in coming up with an intake recommendation.


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12/7/12 6:23 P

1) I don't count calories, and I especially would never do it on race day. Eat to fuel your race and whatever the heck you want after.

2) As I move through a training cycle and my mileage goes up, I adjust my weekly calories burned so that I never go over. The only time I get the warning message is race week.

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12/7/12 6:07 P

If you are going over the amount of calories recommend on a weekly basis, than I would recommend updating your fitness settings to the average amount of calories you do burn weekly.

However, if you only go over the recommended calories burned every month or few months than I would simply make sure you eat a couple extra servings of carbs the few days before the marathon (to ensure you get enough energy!) I'm a swimmer and will always eat a bit extra during the weeks that I have swim competitions.

12/7/12 3:08 P

You may want to see if you have your plan set right. If you are burrning that many calories consistently you probably need more calories. You may have to take a look at your fitness goals which once you recalculate will give you new calorie goals. I had to do this myself.

DMJAKES Posts: 1,635
12/7/12 2:34 P

One of the regular posters, Zorbs, also runs marathons.....hopefully she'll see this.

If you are getting that message regularly, you need to go back into your setup information (goal weight, exercise minutes per week, etc) and check to see if the exercise minutes accurately reflect what you're doing. On marathon days, I think all of that goes out the window (although I'm DEFINITELY not a runner).

If you're only getting the message on marathon days, then I think you might be better off not trying to guess at calories burned that day and just eat more. I've seen tons of articles on pre and post-run meals, sometimes as much as several days you do any of that?

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
12/7/12 2:26 P

Have you entered the calories you burn into your fitness goal? On the home page where it tells you how many fitness minutes you have left for the week click the text that says change goal. Down the bottom of the next page is a box where you can enter your weekly calories burned (in your case 3000). It should give you a range that will support your exercise levels.

On days that you run marathons I think you should eat to hunger. You have burned 2500 calories, and your body needs fuel! If you eat 3000+ calories that day (which wouldn't be impossible) then so be it! Just make sure it is good food, carbs and protein, not McDonalds!

BABYANGEL141 Posts: 29
12/7/12 12:42 P

Q1: I run marathons. The day I run a marathon I burn 2500 calories to easy. How much of that should I be eating?

Q2: I keep getting this warning message from spark people on my activity page:

*The number of calories you should eat to manage your weight depends on many factors, including how many calories you burn through exercise. It may seem counterintuitive, but eating too little while burning too much can actually hurt your weight-management goals and the outcome of your fitness program. If you are consistently burning more calories than recommended here, please update your fitness settings as soon as possible. This may adjust your calorie ranges (if necessary) so you can reach your goals in a timely and healthy manner.

How do I know how much I need to eat. I seem to always have this problem. Eating too little and working out too much. How much do I eat? I went with my BMR plus how much I was working out just like spark people said. I am 31, female and 175 pounds eating 1400-1700 calories a day and burning an average of 600 calories 5 days a week. What say you spark peps? What do i need to do?

I work out a ton because of races I do. Doing 42.4 miles in one weekend in Jan. 2013.

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