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7/15/14 1:31 P


It's not unusual to retain water during a heat wave. if your body is the least bit dehydrated, it will hold on to any water it has. It's also been very humid in the Northeast. the added humidity increases the risk of dehydration as a result of the excess sweating. So, do make sure you're drinking plenty of water.

You probably have notice some bloating. This is temporary and will pass once the weather improves and your body requires less fluid to keep from over heating.

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,177
7/15/14 11:09 A

I used to retain water in hot weather. for me, I think it was a matter of doing less cardio.

7/15/14 7:57 A

I think it depends on your sodium intake.

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7/15/14 5:12 A


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7/15/14 2:32 A

I always retain more fluid in the summer months. My Dr said that this is quite common, particularly when a person is overweight to start with.


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7/15/14 1:02 A

This happened to me last summer - soon as it got hot, i puffed up like crazy. It was just water retention. When it gets hot my body decides i better hang onto all the water it can get its hands on, to stave off any possibility of dehydration. I put on like 4 pounds almost overnight, i swear. On the flip side, when fall rolled around, i suddenly lost a lot of "weight" over a short period of time.

It's suddenly gotten super-hot again just recently; i haven't yet stepped on the scale but i *feel* kind of puffy - so I imagine the same scenario may be repeating itself for me now.

Water-weight messes with the scale and thus with our minds, but rest assured that the "fat loss" will keep progressing, even if it's temporarily hidden by water.

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7/14/14 10:44 P

I do

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
7/14/14 7:15 P

I don't think the heat has anything to do with it. Maybe too much salt?

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7/14/14 6:51 P

Is it near your TOM?

If you are retaining water, you add sodium to your tracker.

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7/14/14 6:35 P

Maybe you're retaining fluids.

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7/14/14 6:07 P

I have put on 3 pounds since the heat wave hit. I know I could do better with diet and have cut back on walks since it got really hot too, but could the heat be part of the problem too?

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