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12/29/12 10:31 A

absolutely NOT

12/28/12 5:51 P

Just because a packaged food says it is organic does not mean it is good for you! There are plenty of organic processed food with nutrition labels comparable to conventionally processed food...chips, candy, chocolate..cake mixes brownies..crackers peanut butter etc. Stick to whole foods and if you prefer organic for personal reasons go for it! We buy what we can afford sometimes organic is cheaper but most times not...we try to avoid GMOS and that makes us eat healthier and a lot less processed and more organic.

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12/27/12 1:35 P

There is nothing out there that says organic helps you lose weight. However eating organic is better for the earth and I feel it is better for me as it does not have all the pesticides and antibiotics that are in conventional food. I eat as much organic as I can, but not necessarily everything. i also don't see it as that much more expensive than conventional as I don't eat as much.

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12/27/12 11:48 A

I find that organic foods tend to be lower in sodium, but the calories are the same, so weight loss is still about eating in your range.

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12/24/12 3:26 P

You might feel better eating organic, but it won't make losing weight easier

Eat what you like and if someone comments, eat them too

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12/24/12 2:51 P

The benefits of organic food do not lie in their nutritional value (nor in their price!) It's purely an economic/moral benefit. ORganic is generally better for the environment, and depending on where you buy it from, may be more directly beneficial to your local economy. Organic is too expensive for me, but if I get it on sale, I will, because I prefer the process to commercially produce non-organics.

There is absolutely no nutritional difference. It provides no nutritional benefits, although the lack of certain compounds in the final product may provide overall healthy benefits versus traditional, those benefits do not include weight loss. More like a reduced risk of cancer, hormone issues, etc.

One way it may help you to lose weight is that the price tag will keep you from buying as much of it, and therefore making less available for you to overeat on. ;)

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12/24/12 10:14 A

No. Eating organic food will not make weight loss any easier. They sell organic potato chips and other junk food. Those are not necessarily more healthful and definitely not less caloric than conventional food.

Organic food is not more nutritious than conventional food.

You don't have to eat the whole thing.
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12/24/12 7:11 A

that's kind of like asking if wearing a blue shirt will help you lose weight. as a general answer, there isn't any correlation between organic foods and being more easily able to lose. as a personal sort of answer, some people might find it easier because it limits their choices, thus making it a little easier to eat what they should. in other words, if they decide to eat organic that automatically eliminates almost the whole chip and boxed foods aisle. and 20 years ago it would have eliminated all junk foods, but modern stores do carry quite a variety of organic junk food. it just doesn't yet hold a candle to the regular stuff in terms of quantity, but it is out there. so it greatly limits selection and as organic junk is about twice the cost [by the time you figure in package size and cost] that can help limit how much of it you buy as well. in that sense, deciding to go vegan or eliminating soy/wheat/dairy could have the same effect. basically any time you decide the "common" ingredient isn't something you are going to include in your diet and you stick to it, it makes you read labels and focus more on what you are putting in to your body, though admittedly just reading labels can do the same thing. it doesn't have to do with what you are excluding as much as the choices you are actually making.

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12/24/12 1:06 A

Organic food is the same, in terms of calories.
On top of which, there is little regulation with regards to what is considered "organic"...instead of purchasing foods (at an elevated cost) with the label, I have been more conscious about purchasing foods from local farmers, staying away from foods that are loaded with preservatives, and doing my research to ensure that I am not purchasing products made from GMOs.

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12/24/12 12:03 A

While the research may be lacking, I feel better and have done better eating organic foods (non-GMO, no added hormones, no pesticides, grass-fed v. grain/feed-fed, etc.) than I have with non-organic foods. I also like the fresher, cleaner taste of the organics.

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12/23/12 5:56 P

"Can anyone tell me if there is research or scientific articles (or how to research them) on benefits of eating organic foods (meat and produce) for losing weight?"

No one can... because there isn't any.

Weight loss is about eating the proper amount of calories, organic or not.

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12/23/12 3:32 P

Organic food has the same amount of calories as regular food.


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12/23/12 2:50 P

Like the Artemis said, there is no caloric difference between a regular apple and an organic apple. The only difference is that there's potentially less chemicals in organic products. I personally don't eat organic produce or meats and had no problems losing weight. Now, if I could afford it, I would do it though, just for overall health.

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12/23/12 1:55 P

It's easier to eat healthy with less-processed, organic food. Eating healthy (for me) is more satisfying, so, indirectly!, it's easier to lose weight....for ME. One body, not a scientist.


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12/23/12 1:13 P

I will note that grass-fed meats are less fatty than currently-conventional farmed meats. Some of these are organic, and some are not (and vice versa). Same is true with pastured chickens (which are not technically grass-fed, because they are allowed to hunt and peck for insects and grubs while outdoors). Pork sometimes may be different, even though pastured, because some farmers growing them may raise fattier breeds of pig than is currently fashionable in the currently-conventional factory farms. (I will note it is a healthier fat because of how these pigs are raised.) So, this is sort of a VERY qualified yes, when it comes to meats, here.

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12/23/12 1:12 P

Thank you!

12/23/12 12:55 P

While I am a proponent of eating certain food items organic, organic isn't going to help you on weight loss (assuming the alternate food item is the same thing, just not organic).

Would be nice, but there's no evidence this is true. On the plus side, however, you'll be eating mostly pesticide-free but no, I can't think of any reasonable study where it was shown that organic foods help one lose weight.

Yep, there I am, swimming through the desert sands. Might just be a mirage, after all. But this is life, and we learn best about it if we explore it, and take our chances. A life unexplored, after all, is one of the saddest things out there.
CBACH71 Posts: 943
12/23/12 11:46 A

Can anyone tell me if there is research or scientific articles (or how to research them) on benefits of eating organic foods (meat and produce) for losing weight?

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