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5/30/13 5:55 P

Indeed. If you ever get a chance, watch some of the broadcast of the NYC marathon on television. You'll see the runners following a blue line -- it's the official marked race route, and it cuts all the corners.

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5/30/13 5:24 P

Yep, not cheating. In fact, because the race is measured based on those "tangents," if you *don't* take the inside turns, you are actually running just a bit more than the official race distance.

RNORMAN75 Posts: 283
5/30/13 3:57 P

Good to know! I was kindof beating myself up over it.

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5/30/13 3:38 P

Nope, it's called running the tangents and smart.

Cutting the corners altogether (running on grass, etc) I would consider cheating.

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5/30/13 3:24 P

If its cheating, then every long distance runner in the Olympics does it. If you watch the 5k/10k races, all the runners move to the inside lane of the track soon after the start and from there jockey for position. Race directors generally assume that runners will try to take the inside of the curve and therefore measure distances accordingly.

RNORMAN75 Posts: 283
5/30/13 3:18 P

I don't really think it can technically be called cheating but is it "cheating" to run the inside turns on races? I ran a 10K on Monday and found myself always looking ahead at the next turn so I could get on the inside. Cheating or smart?

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