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Is it bad to run every day?

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2/12/13 5:42 P


It's very difficult to make a universal statements when it come to our fitness because there are so many factors that determine how quickly one adapts to the rigors of running. That being said, know that many times the delayed onset muscle soreness that comes from doing a new activity does not necessarily occur until 48 hours after your workout.

Know too that the body's cardio-respiratory system advances at a much faster rate than your musculo-skeletal (muscles, bones, connective tissue) system--this can take up to a solid year of consistent running before it adapts.

So while you feel you can run every day, it's best to give it a little more time and see how your body responds after many more weeks. Then you can re-evaluate your training.

Coach Nancy

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2/12/13 5:24 P

Overworking happens at different times to different people and in many different ways. The purpose of built in rest days is naturally, for recovery, but also to mitigate overtraining. Running every day puts you at risk for overtraining. Will it get you this week? Next week? Next month? Next quarter? Who knows.

So if you're following a program, why not stick to it? If the program isn't working, pick a different program.

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2/12/13 5:02 P

It's hard to say, without knowing anything about your fitness level/physical condition/etc., whether running two days in a row would be harmful for you. I know that for me, I can usually run short distances (3 miles or less) two days in a row, but need to take a break by the third day, and I definitely need a day off from running after any longer runs.

You could probably start today with no ill effects (since you did a relatively short distance yesterday), but if you wanted to be on the safe side, just take today off from running and do a different type of workout instead, and start week 2 of C25K tomorrow.

(And people who run every single day with no rest, no matter how fit, are putting themselves at serious risk of repetitive-use injuries - I don't think that's a good plan for anyone.)

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2/12/13 4:55 P

I just started the couch-to-5k program and week two starts this week. I jogged a mile (my first ever, literally) yesterday. I did it freely and not part of the program. I was going to to start week 2 today, but since there are only 3 days per week for the program to allow rest I'm not sure if it will be good on my body to run again. I know a lot of people run everyday, but I just started. I just don't want to overwork my body if I shouldn't.

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