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I got a new stability ball for Christmas; I had to return it as it was for people 6' to 6.5"

So, I bought a ball that said 5'-5'5"--I am 5'3". It was much too small. What? So, back to the store. I now have one that is for people 5'6" to 5'11". It is barely big enough--I wish it was a little bigger.

I know that if you have longer legs in proportion to your height, you do need to go up, but I did not think mine were exceptionally long.

So, be careful of the size of ball you buy and you can't necessarily believe what the package says. My old ball, that finally gave up the ghost, was considerably taller than either of these new ones I tried. Guess I should have kept that first one that said 6' and up!

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Swiss balls vary in size to match the height of the person who will use it. You want one which matches your height for it to be the most effective. You can purchase Swiss balls at Walmart for half the price at Amazon.

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I never heard of this, but my partner called me to see if I would like one, because I had a stability ball on my wishlist. It looks like this:

It seems that I can use it for a lot of the same stability ball exercises that Nicole shows in her videos, so I'm very happy.
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