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JULIA1154 Posts: 1,783
11/29/13 6:03 P

We've had a treadmill from Sears for well over a decade - a Cross Fit Proform. We bought ours during a post-New Year's sale for a reasonable price which included delivery and set up.

I use it a LOT and my husband does some (not nearly as much). I love the convenience of workout out at home and, despite the fact that the TM can be boring, I'm really glad to have it. It allows me to vary my workouts and to get a walk or run in, in despite the weather, darkness, time of day, etc. I used it instead of physical therapy after a broken ankle, too. For us it's been a great investment and has held up very, very well. I do treat myself to new workout music regularly to keep things fresh.

LAURIEANDBLUE2K SparkPoints: (53,763)
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Posts: 228
11/29/13 5:56 P

I love my treadmill. I like running outside, but on cold or rainy days I use my treadmill so I have no excuses. It is well worth the money.

SIMONEKP Posts: 2,618
11/29/13 5:30 P

Only you can determine the value of buying the equipment for your home. I own a stationary bike and it gets used often but there are times when I don't use it for a few weeks because I am focused on DVD workouts.

FARAH2619 Posts: 39
11/29/13 1:49 P

I still have ways to go with working on my nutrition and sense I don't have much money to spare I work out at home. I started last week doing jillian michaels 30 day shred and it is pretty intense. I do it in the after noon and at night before bed. Which is good for people who doesn't have time to go to the gym. As long as you do it as she does and also change eating habits you will see results.

ACHIEVE2012 SparkPoints: (5,176)
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Posts: 137
11/29/13 1:29 P

Yup, agreed that nutrition is important. I am personally into healthy eating with lots of organic, whole grains, fruits, vegies, fiber, etc... I don't leave out any food group but pay attention to portion sizes.
I am very motivated to work out as well but havent been able to get to the gym lately.
I just want to know from people who own Treadmill at home whether one's motivation to use it sustains. Just because it is at home, does one tend to put it off? Also what brands work out for home use. Space and price being a consideration.

MLAN613 Posts: 18,245
11/29/13 8:34 A

First and foremost, no specific machine or gym membership or fitness class is going to equal weight loss. Healthy living is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. In other words, you can't out exercise a crappy diet. You need to be making wise nutrition choices and eating within your caloric range.

Thus said, exercise is, in my opinion, a necessity to maintain good health, including mental and heart health and muscles. Let's face it lean muscle looks a lot better than flabby fat.

And a treadmill can be a great tool to help you arrive at your weight goal and maintain it. My gym has LifeFitness machines. The exercise room at my work has Precor. Personally, I prefer LifeFitness. It has more variety for programming. If you are serious about getting a treadmill, I think most places would allow you to test the machines they carry so you can see what you prefer.

KIRSTENCO SparkPoints: (11,539)
Fitness Minutes: (10,000)
Posts: 214
11/29/13 6:33 A

In my experience, the more you move, the more you lose :-)

ACHIEVE2012 SparkPoints: (5,176)
Fitness Minutes: (7,786)
Posts: 137
11/29/13 2:29 A

Thanks to all for your replies. It just proves that if a person is committed, then its a good investment otherwise its a clothes rack : ). I am very much committed to exercising and due to a variety of reasons, I haven't been able to go the gym. But up until recently, I was going to the gym atleast 5 times a week doing a wide variety of exercises including strength training with a trainer. I am used to having many different machines to work with at the gym but since I am not being able to go very much now, I don't want to let go of the exercising but at the same time, I wasn't sure if having a treadmill at home works out.

Since its there, I thought that perhaps I will procrastinate. Does only 1 type of machine help in losing weight? I have lost a lot of weight but still have some more pounds to lose. I can always add some work out videos to the routine at home. But I was seriously thinking whether treadmill really helps to lose weight. In my weight loss journey so far, treadmill has been an important part but I have also used many other machines.

Also, can anyone also tell me what brand and what features to look out for?
Thanks much for the link and also the delivery tip.
I really appreciate all the replies.

JAMIRBLAZE Posts: 1,752
11/27/13 11:54 P

I love mine. I tend to like to workout late and my neighborhood is not the best, so the treadmill is great. I use it probably 2-3 per week on average (since I got it 2 years ago) as I do HIIT and other things as well. But I'm fairly serious about working out, and even when I have no gas in the tank, I usually make myself at least walk on an incline while watching TV. However, plenty of other people who are less committed that I know have cardio equipment that collects dust. Sears delivered, carried to the second floor and assembled with no problems which is very different from other delivery options, so keep that in mind.

CARRIENIGN SparkPoints: (98,310)
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Posts: 493
11/27/13 11:46 P

I agree with MOTIVATED@LAST. I would realistically reflect on why you don't go to the gym. Are they reasons that you also aren't going to use a treadmill, even if it's in your own home? I personally could never justify a treadmill purchase. I love to run and take walks outside. Why do it inside? In fact, since I started running outside, the only time I've ever been able to force myself to run on a treadmill was while traveling, in a hotel, because it was in a scary area and I didn't know a safe place to run outside.

I just came across an article that I wanted to share with you:

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TACDGB Posts: 6,136
11/27/13 4:00 P

for me it's the best investment I have made. I use mine when the weather is bad...or winter. I sure do get my monies worth. You have to decide if it's right for you. I would also check craigslist or ads in the local paper for one. I feel there are so many advantages to having one at home. I can use it on my schedule and not when the gym is open.

JCWIAKALA Posts: 347
11/27/13 1:54 P

You and your loved ones probably know you the best. I suggest you examine yourself and ask those closest to you if they believe you'll commit to it. Have them be brutally honest.

I have a friend who's forever talking about losing weight, and goes and joins gyms and buys equipment, but the truth is, he never follows through. If he asked me if he should invest in gym equipment (and he let me be honest and not just want me to tell him what he wants to hear), I would tell him I think he'd be wasting his money. He never asked, so I never tell him.

So be honest with yourself. For some people, it's the best investment they ever made. For others, it's an expensive clothes rack.

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,430
11/27/13 5:43 A

Yes, certainly many home treadmills become very expensive clothes racks. But equally many people find them a great way to stay on track with their workouts when the weather is bad, or so they can workout while still supervising their kids.

It really comes down to the individual person's commitment to working out, rather than the nature of the equipment. You may want to think about the reasons you haven't been going to the gym. If travel time/opening hours for the gym have been a sticking point, then a home treadmill may help here. But if it is just laziness, then having a treadmill at home isn't really going to solve the problem. (I don't mean to be judgemental here - just trying to focus in with some direct speaking on what the issues may really be).

Another factor is that some people find the treadmill profoundly boring, and would much rather walk or run outside. If you have been comfortable using the treadmill at the gym, you can probably eliminate this as a factor applying to you.

In terms of the investment, exercises videos can be a very low cost way of getting in an at-home workout. Also, getting a 2nd hand treadmill (eg. driving around some nearby garage sales, craigslist, etc) can significantly lower the investment.


ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (189,433)
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Posts: 15,736
11/27/13 5:08 A

I've had a treadmill for 2 years and it's not clothes storage yet..

I work 3 days a week at a gym and I do use the treadmill there, but I'm NOT going to drive to the gym on my off days to use the TM when the weather sucks.

advantages to my home treadmill:
I can blast music and not use headphones.
my husband changed the display to metric, not those confusing miles.
it doesn't have a time limit of 60 minutes
when I pause to go to the bathroom or tie my shoe, the display doesn't automatically reset after 30 seconds.

ACHIEVE2012 SparkPoints: (5,176)
Fitness Minutes: (7,786)
Posts: 137
11/26/13 11:43 P

I am thinking of buying a treadmill for the home. I haven't had much chance to go to the gym lately. I had previously avoided buying a treadmill as I liked the variety of machines at the gym. Also, I found that my friends who own a treadmill at home rarely use it. The treadmill becomes more of a storage for clothes!! emoticon . It is a huge investment. So I wanted to find out if it works out to have it at home. What are the advantages? Is it worth the investment?

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