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1/19/13 2:03 P

Thanks to everyone for your input! emoticon

1/19/13 11:05 A

Plan ahead for next Friday. In the future make your own healthy flat bread pizza. You can control the cheese and maybe eat more with less calories. Hungry girl flat outs ate great at 90 cal a pop. Top with veg to stretch out the fill without all the calories.
I find that helps me to substitute a larger portion but similar item with less calories.

But one day of a little higher cal isn't going to hurt you just don't go. "oh no I blew the day might as well eat the whole pizza myself." emoticon emoticon

It actually is okay to give in a little once in a while and just live healthier in general.

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1/18/13 5:18 P

Your calorie range isn't set in stone. If 1600 calories is okay, 1700 isn't going to kill you.

However, WHY do you want that extra slice? Are you actually hungry? Wouldn't it be better to have some healthier food and go over your limit with that?

Or do you just really crave the cheesy goodness of a sweet, sweet, pizza slice?! If that's it, even if you had calorie-range space for it, would it be a good idea to indulge that feeling?

You have to think not just about how many calories a food item is, but also why you want it, and whether that item is actually going to give you some benefit to eat it, or not?

UGAKATE85 Posts: 2,630
1/18/13 4:57 P

a splurge now and then certainly won't undo hard work throughout the rest of the week. just make sure you eat a salad with the extra slice! ;)

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1/18/13 4:44 P

I would have another slice if I was actually hungry. But not because I just felt like it. But, 1 extra slice of pizza a week is not going to have much affect overall. It's only if you start doing that every day.

That being said, I no longer track at least 1 weekend day, sometimes both. But, I eat on the lower end of where I should during the week to make up for it.

1/18/13 4:39 P

I take Sunday off. in general I don't crave supper unhealthy things but we tend to go to a Chinese buffet on Sunday because they have tons of seafood. And so far I have been loosing just fine. And it keeps me not feeling deprived.

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1/18/13 4:24 P

I try to stay on the low(er) end of my suggested calorie intake (1,200-1,500) throughout the week and let myself splurge one day. If you look at caloric intake from a weekly view, I'm still eating within my normal range.

1/18/13 4:08 P

Today is Friday and traditionally Fridays nights at my house are pizza and movie night. I have been able to fit in one slice of cheese pizza and a side of broccoli for my dinner but I really want another slice. Mmmmmm it's so good but I know shouldn't go over my calories so I'm trying to behave! Would you have another slice???? emoticon

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