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RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
2/7/10 2:54 A

I walked longer and longer distances as my body let me advance.. Now the sky is the limit lol.. Just take it easy, the way I see it- I don't want the weight back so it ain't a race to get anywhere- I make sure I enjoy what I do and have my music with me.. Now it is a sport to see what my body now can do now I am not over 300 lbs..

JOHNTJ1 Posts: 6,874
2/6/10 10:39 A

I started out at 326 almost two months ago. I am at 296 as of last week. What helped me the most was being consistent and listening to my body.I have excercised every day whether I wanted gto or not. Sometimes it was a hard workout and sometimes it was simply walking. I started out at 30 minutes and am up to 45 minutes a day.

The key to me was being active regardless of the type of excercise. I agree though that you should talk to your doctor.

2/6/10 10:35 A

Like everyone said, if your doctor says its okay then do it. I know my knees sometimes give me issues but when it comes to running its more a mental thing for me. Just losing 15 lbs. has made my knees feel much better and I can challenge myself more in my cardio. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!

2/6/10 1:23 A

Well i walk 2 -3 miles a day, and I weigh over 300. Watching the biggest loser made me realize if they can do it, so can I.

Of course I checked with my doctor, she said do what makes you comfortable, if breathing becomes a problem slow down..

You certainly don't want to get overheated, keep up with fluids, you will need more than most..and good luck love, I am right there with you!

HBOOJUM Posts: 154
2/6/10 12:45 A

I was 330 lbs when I first hopped back in and started to work out again. I went on the rowing machine, the elliptical and walked on the tread mill. You should check with your doctor just to make sure you get the okay for workout. I'm definitely over that 250 lbs mark, and I enjoy zumba a ton now, in addition to the above. It really is about what you can handle and do and not to rush too much. Swimming and water aerobics I hear is very good as well. Good luck!

IVYLASS SparkPoints: (218,605)
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Posts: 7,169
2/5/10 1:33 P

You need to check with your doctor. Your physician will be able to recommend exercises you can begin doing.

FITWITHIN Posts: 25,484
2/5/10 12:35 P

I can only speak on what I do for exercise. I can tell you that I can knock out 45 minutes of intense step aerobics. Yes, it took me awhile to get to that point, but I refused to give up. I love to set personal challenges for myself; it give me a since of accomplishment and not defeat. I'm slowly getting back into jogging, because of an old injury. I've walked a 1/2 marathon and recently participated in an Extreme Exercise Workout program at the gym. Let me tell you the whole gym was looking at me in disbelief, because I was the heaviest one in the group. It was like in The Biggest Loser Last Chance Workout. However, I did complete the 1 cardio and it was very proud moment for me. Just remember to get clearance from your doctor and go at it slow and steady. Good luck to you on your journey.

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2/5/10 12:08 P

I know personally, I am waiting until I get under 200 pounds to start running because I have a wonky ankle. I sprain it fairly often and don't want to exacerbate the problem and throw my whole exercise program off for a few weeks (not to mention I have these horrible fears about being a mile or two away from home and spraining my ankle and having to hobble all the way back!). If people are already in pain or have joint issues, losing weight is probably necessary first.

Luckily there is plenty of cardio that one can do without putting a ton of strain on joints. If people have access to a gym, cycling and the elliptical are great ways to get low impact cardio in. I do tae bo videos which are great at getting my heart rate up but have limited jumping and leaping. When I'm doing kicks that require me to put my weight on my bad ankle, I keep a chair out to stabilize myself so I still get the cardio in but am not risking injuring myself. Slowly, as I get more fit, I am able to wean myself off of the chair.

All exercise programs need to start slowly. There are plenty of DVDs that I can't do *everything* to, but I try my best, stay moving, and adjust anything that hurts my joints.

1TOOMANY Posts: 275
2/5/10 12:01 P

Thank you both so much!! I read the suggested article and that was very reassuring - thank you! Currently, I do have a bike that I can ride (and I figured that would be okay :)) and I can walk outside when the weather is nice. I just didn't want to fall into the trap of having one more "excuse" (even if it was legitimate) not to exercise. This is a major stumbling block for me, so I want to set myself up for as much success from the beginning as I possibly can!

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (191,913)
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2/5/10 11:56 A

Exercise is definitely ok, provided your doctor has given you the all clear.

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (195,936)
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2/5/10 11:07 A

It depends. It's true, the heavier a person is, the higher the impact there is on their joints. I personally will advise someone who weighs over 300 to lose some weight prior to starting a running program just because it will help reduce stress on their joints.

Walking and swimming are both good low impact cardiovascular exercises heavier people can do. Could they do step ? If the step is low, yes. the higher the level of the step, the more of a strain on the joints. I have seen larger folks taking step who use just the step with no risers. So, a person could make step aerobics low impact.

You could also ride a bike. There are bike designed to support larger people. cycling is a also a very good low impact cardiovascular activity.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,445
2/5/10 11:05 A

Nope, not true. Here's a series of articles you might find helpful:

Coach Jen

1TOOMANY Posts: 275
2/5/10 10:59 A

I've heard that people who weigh over 250 pounds should not do standing exercises - such as step aerobics etc. Walking is "okay" but any serious exercise should be done from a sitting position; otherwise the strain on the knees and ankles is just too much. Is this true?

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