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11/1/12 10:20 A

I live in south but most of my family members live in north. I did talk to them yesterday..after 3 days of continue calling.. They been out of power since 3 days. they are safe now. I am happy that they are ok now and very safe

N16351D Posts: 2,349
11/1/12 6:49 A

What I am seeing on the news is astounding. Sandy Storm was a damaging as was predicted, maybe worse. Had to believe that 100 homes burnt down, Wall Street was closed, and all public transportation in and out of New York came to a halt! Have the subways ever been flooded before?

Did not New Jersey get hit hard? The scenes on the television are incredible! I live 100 miles NW of Seattle. I sent a check to the Red Cross...

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10/30/12 7:10 P

Safe, although I did not believe I would be last night. I was alone, in the dark, with the floodwaters 30 inches high around my house. I am extremely grateful for low tide today.

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10/30/12 1:19 P

My son is in college in New York, not far from where all those families lost their homes to fire because the firemen couldn't get through the flooded streets. He has no power, but is safe and I am so grateful.prayers to the many impacted and dealing with devastation and loss of loved ones and their homes today.

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10/30/12 10:40 A

yes.... Live in MD and didnt get hit as hard as expected. Didn't lose power and all is well.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 17,073
10/30/12 10:36 A

All is not well.. there are many homeless, injured, and even some deaths. There are billions of dollars in damage.

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10/30/12 10:35 A

Safe in mid upstate NY, prayers are with all the ones that got a direct hit emoticon

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10/30/12 10:23 A

Yes scary night. I am in CT and grateful that despite having no power my family is safe. Those poor people in West VA, NY and NJ

EWL978 Posts: 2,021
10/30/12 9:27 A

Last night was a frightening night on the east coast of the U.S... just hoping all is well.

TODAY well lived makes every YESTERDAY a memory of happiness and every TOMORROW a vision of hope!!

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