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CONNIE_130 Posts: 62
9/5/14 5:18 P

I use products from a company called Saba. I get my protein meal replacement shake powder from them and also my supplements. I lost my 120 pounds with the AM-300 supplement and it helped to take inches off as I was dieting.

FADDY5631 Posts: 12
9/3/14 3:29 P

Thank you I will try the protein shakes as a snack and I am trying to increase my daily water intake. I too love real food byw, which supplements do you take and do they make a big difference.

CONNIE_130 Posts: 62
9/3/14 3:11 P

I eat healthier, count calories, workout, drink a gallon of water a day plus I take diet supplements.

PSYCHICQUILL SparkPoints: (16,579)
Fitness Minutes: (13,412)
Posts: 785
9/3/14 3:08 P

Counting carbs AND calories, working out 5 days a week, I do use Atkins bars & shakes now & then, and take vitamin/mineral supplements. But I love real food and I think eating real food is better for us than the processed convenient meals bars, etc.

WTHERESA79 SparkPoints: (12,088)
Fitness Minutes: (14,383)
Posts: 1
9/3/14 2:49 P

Exercise, Exercise and eating a balanced meal. I do use vitamins but "weightloss pills or supplements" scare me. Protein powders are good to make protein shakes as a snack.

FINDING_SANDRA SparkPoints: (9,722)
Fitness Minutes: (5,164)
Posts: 139
9/3/14 2:40 P

I have really been watching what I eat. Trying to do fresh veggies and lean protein. Also lower carbs. Lower carbs has really helped. I don't feel near as tired as I used too.

LJK091354 Posts: 16,718
9/3/14 2:33 P

No supplements; also no"diet meals." I have found those just lead to more junk. Trying to just eat balanced and exercise is very important

FADDY5631 Posts: 12
9/3/14 2:32 P

Thank you for responding I am staying away from fried foods also and trying to come off sweets and bread

9/3/14 2:30 P

Watching calories. Trying to eat a balanced diet. Stay away from fried fast food. Making sure I get 120 grams of protein from chicken, eggs, fish, and red meat. Exercising at least 3 days a week.

FADDY5631 Posts: 12
9/3/14 2:25 P

Is everyone just exercising and eating right or using supplements. .ie Skinny fiber, protein powders rtc.

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