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5/13/04 9:32 A

No problem's great for when you eat out like Lou did last night.

PJINPA Posts: 3,088
5/13/04 7:32 A

excellent site! Thanks!

BBQWHO Posts: 1,755
5/13/04 3:39 A

Wow, what a fabulous site! Thanks, Matt!

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5/12/04 7:44 P

Hey Lou,

Denise and I found this website that gives all kinds of info on foods, this link will take you to the info on Couscous:
2s04eb. html

It basically says:

"This food is very low in Saturated Fat, Cholesterol and Sodium."

usually it will list anything that may be "bad" about a food, but it didn't say anything bad about Couscous

BBQWHO Posts: 1,755
5/12/04 5:59 P

Thanks, LEXI! That's what I needed!! I don't like pasta when I'm focusing on loss; it stalls my loss for a week.

Cyp, I'm not as cute as you, so when I bat my eyelashes and say pretty please, it doesn't have the same effect! I looked and didn't see anything on any of the other dishes to sub for!! It is all crème fraîche mashed potatoes, safron rice, ... Anyway, I like your idea about getting something unadulterated, so you can control your own fixings.

LEXI042 Posts: 1,353
5/12/04 5:45 P

Couscous is a coarsely ground semolina pasta. And that's all I know which isn't much as usual :)
Have fun at dinner tonight. No dessert for me thanks, I ate too much of it already this week.

CYPRINODON Posts: 7,586
5/12/04 5:43 P

It's like pasta in little parts. It can be whole grained I guess but I've only seen the stuff that is looks to me to be no different than any white pasta other than the shape. I think even white pasta is supposed to be decent at not spiking your insulin too high but I avoid wheat when I'm not cheating on my fitness and health plan since I have a problem with it.

I am the queen of substitution. I usually ask for a plain baked potato instead of rice or pasta (or couscous). A white russet potato is pretty much a simple carb and moderately high on the glycemic index but it is not tampered with by man (except when growing, fertilizers and pesticides etc.) and it does not cause me any problems like wheat does. Other substitutions I go for when available are grilled vegies, steamed vegies, and sliced tomatoes.

Since this restaurant has couscous, it might also have Tabouli Salad. Tabouli is made with bulgur wheat, more complex than couscous I think, and I love how Tabouli Salad tastes. I can't tell you how good or bad of an insulin spike it might cause because I haven't read about it or tested my own reaction to it.

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BBQWHO Posts: 1,755
5/12/04 5:28 P

I have to go out to dinner tonight and I don't want to mess up this week. I'm looking at the menu on line and the fish comes with couscous? What is it? I forget and my DW is out of town. Is it simple like rice or complex whole grain? emoticon

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