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KATANA_X Posts: 2,557
6/29/09 12:37 A

Other people have already mentioned the diuretic effects of coffee. Personally, I don't count anything as water except water (plain or bubbly).

6/28/09 11:04 P

no because it is more of a diuretic....

CHM0815 Posts: 445
6/28/09 11:03 P

I don't count it because caffeine is a diuretic so it dehydrates you which kind of defeats the point of drinking water.

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6/28/09 10:43 P


Here is a great article from our Healthy Lifestyle section that will help you make the right beverage choices.

Be well,

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6/28/09 4:27 P

I am not a coffee drinker but had some today. Since it is made with water - does it "count" towards my water consumption for the day?

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