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Is chobani a good choice despite the sugar?

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Posts: 219
8/2/10 7:39 P

In terms of natural yogurts, chobani's a great choice. I think a standard fruit-flavored cup has about 19g of sugar. You can assume that 7g comes from lactose from milk. Maybe 5 or 6g come from fruit puree, and the rest is cane sugar. Really, that's not all that much in comparison to other brands. And in my opinion it's better than getting something with a 0-cal sweetener

Posts: 817
8/2/10 6:41 P

I think Chobani is a great choice. You are correct about the sugars being natural. Eat up! It's a great source of protein.

Posts: 1,305
8/2/10 6:33 P

Dairy has a lot of naturally occurring sugar, and if you're talking about one of the fruit yogurts, there's some natural sugar from the fruit too. What I like about Chobani is that it IS sugar they use to sweeten it - not HFCS or artificial sweeteners. For a sugared yogurt, Chobani's pretty good.

Posts: 27
8/2/10 5:00 P

Hi Everyone! Looking for some opinions on Chobani yogurt. I love it and it's such high protein, but the amount of sugar is high. I'm assuming because it's natural sugar, it's ok? Can anyone confirm? Thank you from someone trying to eat healthier!!!

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