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11/29/11 10:29 P

Everybody else is completely right that ST is essential, not just to help you lose fat, but to help your overall health as well.

You might want to look into how much a session with a personal trainer would cost. If you don't go to the gym at all there are still some options. The local YMCA where I live occasionally offers free community days... if you can't find something like that where you live then you might be able to find some deals with coupons. Or you can also look into free trial memberships. Lots of gym have 60 or 90 day trials. You can then take advantage of the resources there and take what you learn and apply it what you do at home.

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11/29/11 3:09 P

I agree with everyone that ST is essential. Why not try a video that gives you ST in a circuit format? Jillian Michaels has some great DVDs that give you strength, cardio and abs all in one workout. I also love Chris Freytags 10lb Slimdown and Extreme 10lb slimdown workout programs and I look forward to doing them. Good luck.

Suggest you try some additional cardio exercises including walking, jogging, kickboxing, zumba, etc to break up the monotony

11/29/11 1:28 P

I agree with Coach Nancy and UNIDENT. If you want to change the way your body looks and feels, ST is one of the best and most effective tools you have in your arsenal. Cardio has its place, but when you're eating in calorie deficit for fat loss, cardio ends up costing you your lean body mass. That means your body eats its own lean mass because of cardio. The less lean body mass you have, the slower your metabolism. The slower your metabolism, the easier it is for you to gain fat, not lose it. ST is the only way to counteract the catabolism of cardio.

There's more to ST than situps (so bad for your back, too) and push-ups. PU's are great, but you have a whole bunch of other muscles that need to be worked.

Why not find a weight lifting class to make it fun? A lot of people on Spark love BodyPump.

If you can't afford a gym, there's a book you can get called You Are Your Own Gym - Amazon has it and other bookstores, too. The book details strength moves you can do at your house with no equipment or with stuff you already have at home like doorjambs, telephone books, broomsticks, etc.

ST is super-important, much more so than cardio.

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11/29/11 12:51 P

ST is essential and swapping it for nothing more than pushups and situps would not be a healthy choice.

Why don't you google up some videos on breathing while working out and ensure that you ARE doing it right? Generally speaking, with ST breathing, you breathe out during the heavy/lift phase and in during the return with gravity phase.

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11/28/11 7:09 P


I think if you like what you do, you are more likely to stick with your program than forcing yourself to do something you despise. That being, while ST can be a chore, it truly is just as important, if not more so, than cardio activity as it builds lean body mass which helps keep your metabolism fired up, not to mention the other benefits, such as helping with our bone mass, balance, strength and making active daily living activities easier.

Coach Nancy

11/28/11 5:43 P

So lately I have been thinking of changing up my excercise routine, as of right now I do the elliptical Mon,Wed, Fri and Strength Training Tuesdays and Thursday, and sadly enough I really hate my strength training I always feel like im not doing the breathing correctly and I dread my ST days.

Sooo I have been thinking of switching to the "10 minute solution Fat blasting Dance Mix" you can do it for 10 minutes or 50, and yes it would be cardio 5 days a week and I could add push ups and sit ups throughout the day, that what I did before and I would do more throughout the day because there wasnt a set time nor was a following a ST routine. What do you think?

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