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2/27/14 8:46 A

Santa told them

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2/27/14 7:25 A

I maybe I better add t hat extra dolup of sour cream I had last night too. emoticon
In all honesty, I think they figure it's close enough, that even in general walking for the day, you would get the otehr 20 minutes for the month. But that is a scary

Laura, SW Ohio, EST

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2/27/14 6:16 A

LOL - guess this means I'd better track that Girl Scout cookie I snuck last night.

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2/27/14 5:44 A

Well, I'm back from walking a neighbour's dog, but not tracked it because I'm going to the gym and I'll track it all together. So I have 1480 fitness minutes tracked and they've just sent me my trophy for 1500 minutes for February. Well, I know I've earned those minutes .... but how do they know I walked the dog? Have Spark people got their spies out watching for when I do some exercise????

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