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NJOHNSTON64 Posts: 189
9/28/10 11:37 A

For me that would be VERY small, but for others of different heights and body shapes it might not be.

BATTISTOLI Posts: 1,731
9/28/10 11:37 A

i would definitely LOVE to be a size 8. i cant tell you the last time it was that i wore that size. i would be ecstatic to wear that size. as others mentioned, it depends on your body shape/size, etc. one size 8 can be different than another size 8.

LSTHUBERT SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (884)
Posts: 30
9/28/10 11:35 A

i have to agree with the others. it does depend on your height and body structure.

9/28/10 11:34 A

Personally, I would be completely excited to be a size 8. But I've never been that small. :)

RICCILYNN Posts: 2,454
9/28/10 11:30 A

I agree with the others that it depends on your height and body shape. For me, it would be a dream. I don't think I have EVER been a size 8 but if you were always a size 4 then yes, for you, it might be big.

9/28/10 11:26 A

When I read this, I had to laugh. I was wearing Size 22 at my highest weight, so would love fitting into a Size 8. But I agree with the majority of people here -- that size is all relative to your height, body build, comfort level, etc. There are some of us who have body builds that will never fit a Size 2 or 4. The media makes it sound like we need to be there in order to be celebrity-like or considered normal. That's distorted! Look in the mirror. Does a Size 8 dress make you look fat? Normal? Underweight? What's normal for you?

On another related subject, I get very frustrated and discouraged when I go shopping, and the store I have chosen to shop in carries clothing made in China or South America. A Size 8 at these stores compares to a Size 2 in a store carrying clothing lines made elsewhere. I know. Don't shop at these stores, then. Well, I do like to browse, however, but I feel like a big cow while watching other petite girls going through the racks.

And, my last beef. Clothes that are designed for larger-sized women are so boring and flubby looking. Seems like the designers think that because we are big, we also don't care to be in fashion!

Give it to me, my friends!


ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (197,206)
Fitness Minutes: (294,448)
Posts: 27,083
9/28/10 11:22 A

I agree. Size doesn't matter because clothing manufacturers practice vanity sizing. What is a size 8? Does anyone know what the waist or hip size of a size 8 is ? I sure don't know and neither to designers.

A size 8 pair of Calvin Klein pants are different from a size 8 in Levis. Which are different than a size 8 in Anne Taylor. There is no standardization in women's clothing. As such, don't worry about the number. Buy what fits.

Also, size 8 is relative. To someone who currently wears a size 20 pants, size 8 might be tiny. To someone who wears size 00, size 8 might be huge. Height makes a different. Size 8 on someone who's 5ft 10" is different than someone who's 5ft tall.

One other problem is a size 8 today is different from a size 8 twenty years ago. The size 8 from twenty years ago is smaller than the size 8 today. Once again, it goes back to vanity sizing. Designers are increasing the size of the clothes, but dropping the number.

CATIEMARIE Posts: 2,313
9/28/10 11:08 A

It is only a number. How do you feel? How you feel is what's important.

9/28/10 11:07 A


SEIBLESS SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (4,455)
Posts: 425
9/28/10 11:04 A

I would LOVE to be a size 8!

BILL60 Posts: 944,601
9/28/10 6:39 A

Only you can determine that.

ELLEN0407 Posts: 2,037
9/28/10 6:38 A

no way. single digits!

MISSY0356 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (31,245)
Posts: 1,209
9/28/10 6:16 A

No size 8 is pretty small

BEEBEE75 Posts: 1,034
9/28/10 6:15 A

Are you kidding. Size 8 big????? Size 20 is big. or XXX is big. Anyone that is a size 8 ought to be very happy with an 8.
emoticon emoticon

CHESAKAT41 SparkPoints: (68,024)
Fitness Minutes: (9,342)
Posts: 2,830
9/28/10 4:30 A

Depends on your age and height. I am 5'7" so that would be skinny for me. But, a young girl that probably would be fine. I think more important than is an '8 Big?' is how you feel...

YMUNDERWOOD SparkPoints: (368,185)
Fitness Minutes: (223,832)
Posts: 18,793
9/28/10 4:01 A

If your an average height women it's a good size to be and it's what you should be.

SLENDERELLA61 Posts: 10,180
9/28/10 3:40 A

It depends on your height. Calculate your BMI and that will give you a clue on whether you are in a healthy weight range or not. SparkPeople considers 18.5-24.9 as proper BMI. Weight Watchers aims for 20-25 BMI.

Just type "BMI" in the search box above and then type in your height and weight. Unless you are very short, you are undoubtedly in a good range.

JAREJIL SparkPoints: (41,477)
Fitness Minutes: (24,019)
Posts: 1,268
9/28/10 1:49 A

If I was a size 8, I would be too small

REBCCA SparkPoints: (408,620)
Fitness Minutes: (214,705)
Posts: 22,744
9/28/10 1:45 A

Most size charts would translate a size 8 as medium or smaller

JANTWO Posts: 31,492
9/28/10 1:15 A


MARLINDA5 Posts: 8,187
9/28/10 1:00 A

heck no - I would love to be a size 8 - soon

DWROBERGE Posts: 355,661
9/28/10 12:58 A

Not if it is a shoe.

GRANDMABABA SparkPoints: (304,636)
Fitness Minutes: (171,153)
Posts: 10,629
9/28/10 12:33 A

perspective counts

HSHEAJ5 Posts: 3,133
9/28/10 12:30 A

I think it depends on what's right for you/your body type. For me, I look best at a 4/6, but I'm only 5'4". My taller roommate was a size 12, and proportionally, she didn't look that much bigger than me.

INTHEWORKS1 Posts: 981
9/28/10 12:23 A

Not as far as I am concerned.

9/28/10 12:14 A

A size 8? You have no idea how lucky you are.

RUNANDRUN SparkPoints: (45,952)
Fitness Minutes: (23,342)
Posts: 2,703
9/27/10 11:49 P

not when you're a size 10

SCALE_WATCHER Posts: 2,739
9/27/10 11:45 P


CINDYMCD1 Posts: 577
9/27/10 11:44 P

Lol is this a trick question?

KSHAGGY Posts: 1,682
9/27/10 11:22 P

I don't think anyone would consider a size 8 large no matter how tall you are.

GLORRE Posts: 1,246
9/27/10 11:22 P


RONJOHN5 SparkPoints: (45,285)
Fitness Minutes: (22,075)
Posts: 745
9/27/10 11:21 P


TEMPERANCE88 Posts: 2,561
9/27/10 11:18 P


KEAUXALLA Posts: 1,100
9/27/10 11:16 P


MISWIL765 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,117)
Posts: 114
9/27/10 11:16 P

I would rather be a size 8 with some curves than a boney size 4 emoticon

PK2H2000 Posts: 2,547
9/27/10 11:11 P


9/27/10 10:52 P


9/27/10 10:44 P


QUEENBME2 Posts: 1,359
9/27/10 10:30 P


BELAVERA SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (29,343)
Posts: 1,257
9/27/10 10:29 P

It depends on the source of the dress. I don't think a size 8 is big, but the more expensive the store, the bigger the size 8.

ATZIONCH Posts: 3,561
9/27/10 10:25 P

I don't think so, but I have met people who believe that looking thin is a woman's job if she expects to be taken care of. Go figure!

SLENDER2B Posts: 474
9/27/10 10:23 P

Compared to what? Someone who is a size 20 would say size 8 is small. Someone who is a size 2 would call it large. Matter of perspective.

SPARKLE_SHINE66 Posts: 377
9/27/10 10:14 P

For me, no. I'm working to be a size 8 again.

KIRSTEN SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (25,566)
Posts: 2,533
9/27/10 10:12 P

yes, if you have body dysmorphic disorder.

9/27/10 10:09 P

Everyone's comments are right on the money.

LINDAE12 Posts: 484
9/27/10 10:08 P

It depends on what is right for you. For me, a size 8 would be a dream, but that's what I probably should wear.

DREMARGRL Posts: 11,552
9/27/10 10:06 P


SCOOBEES SparkPoints: (117,199)
Fitness Minutes: (66,487)
Posts: 3,602
9/27/10 10:05 P

It definitely depends on your height and your build. For me personally, it's a little big - but I am 5'4" and a smaller frame.

10INPROGRESS Posts: 169
9/27/10 9:59 P

I think it all depends on your height, I'm 5 feet 7 inches tall so if I was a size 8 I would be slim to me. But if I was petite 5 feet person I could see how that person would think they were big, and big is not the same to everyone I want to weigh 165 lbs at my height and for other people that would still be big, because some women my height like to be at the bottom of the weight scale being 135 which is to little for me. I say whatever you and your doctor agrees on and if your bmi is in proper line then a size 8 is just fine. I used to be a size 7/8 when I was much younger and I alway felt that was to small for me, so base if off of what makes you feel comfortable as long as it's healty. I hope this helped you because I know I ran on :o) emoticon emoticon emoticon

Edited by: 10INPROGRESS at: 9/27/2010 (22:01)
TRI_BABE Posts: 2,968
9/27/10 9:53 P

I am normally a size 4 but got sick and gained. Granted, I have lost weight already and come down in size. But I am now a size 8 and feel like I've been here for a while.

Is a size 8 big? I feel like I am, but I think in reality maybe others look at me and think I'm not that big. But maybe not???

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