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7/22/14 1:48 P

emoticon emoticon emoticon
If God would have wanted us to live in the past, he would have put our eyeballs in the back of our heads. I'm happy for you. Feel free. Feel liberated. You are woman, ROAR!!

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7/22/14 1:15 P

It is very normal to experience those feelings. We have been holding so tight onto our old self/identity, that when change comes around, it can be very tough to let go and embrace our new self. Well done on getting this far. I'm sure you're looking forward to buying a new wardrobe. emoticon

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7/22/14 1:13 P

Yes. Whilst being excited and happy to be in a smaller size emoticon there is the knowledge that you are changing and change is bittersweet.

Congrats to you on your weight / inches lost! emoticon

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7/22/14 1:03 P

Thanks everyone! Most of you are correct, some of the old clothes were Christmas/Birthday gifts from my mom ( I miss her so much since she went to heaven ), my husband and kids, I bought a few I liked, and lots of good memories with some others items... I had to Let Go! Guess they really were a security blanket full of memories taking up to much room in my closet..

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7/22/14 10:52 A

Yes, this is normal feeling. Part of it is fear. You may be worrying that if you regain the weight, what will you wear ? We've all been yo yo dieters in the past. So, I'll bet many of us do have clothes in varying sizes, just in case.

But try don't worry, a person should never be afraid to let go of their past. You can be nostalgic. I kept a couple of pairs of my largest size pants. I figured one day I would do a James Coco type photo. I don't ever plan of being that size again, but it's a way to reflect on where I was versus where I am today.

I think that clearing out my closet periodically can be liberating. Nothing says new attitude like a new wardrobe.

7/22/14 8:47 A

I think it is, especially if you had favorite items that made you feel special when you wore them. The first time I gave away clothes it was very bittersweet, not because I was unhappy that they were too big, but that I had to give away s much, leaving me with very little to wear. I also gave clothes to someone I knew who mentioned that the clothes were "perfect for [her] work in the lab" because she could stain them and such & it wouldn't matter. That made me want to take them all back and give them to someone who really needed them. This was years of my clothing that she wanted to treat like garbage and ruin without a care about them.
I also HATE clothes shopping (even when I was thinner) and the idea of giving away all those clothes reminded me that I'd have to go shopping.

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7/22/14 8:24 A


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7/22/14 8:18 A

I'd agree that there may be some sadness in getting rid of the old, too-big clothes. Some of my favorite things (really flattering color, always got a lot of compliments when I wore it, etc) were in that pile. There were even a few things that I'd bought when I was fat and they were too small and I kept telling myself some day I'd lose enough to wear them. And then when the right season to wear it rolled around... they were too big and I couldn't wear them anyway! I got rid of just about everything that became too big. Saved one pair of jeans-- I have no photos of me at my heaviest-- and a few Life is Good t-shirts because they're organic cotton and super super soft. I now wear those to bed sometimes. But I have no intention of ever getting that big again. The rest of that stuff just HAD to go.

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7/22/14 6:44 A

Yes it is normal for a lot of people. For me, part of it is the memories of things I have done while wearing them, but then, I am a very sentimental person - I still have a top my sister made for me when I was 15yrs old - I am now 60 - LOL!


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7/22/14 6:32 A

sounds like you miss your security blanket...
put on your high heeled sneekers and celebrate

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7/22/14 5:59 A

yes it is normal.

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7/22/14 4:56 A


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7/22/14 12:29 A

I can't wait to be sad then.....looking forward to being in a new size

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7/21/14 11:55 P

It's definitely normal. I haven't done anything like that yet because it takes me a while to get to the point where I can't wear the baggy clothes anymore... but change can be hard, even when it's change for the good. A lot of emotions have been connected to our clothes. We wore them and made memories in them, and they were a part of our lives in a sense, it's okay to feel sad. On the other side, it's a great thing and you will feel really happy about it once the sadness fades away :)

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7/21/14 11:33 P

Of course it's normal. We tend to want to hold on to things that are familiar and comfortable!

JOYFUL62 Posts: 442
7/21/14 10:55 P

Anytime we make a tangible step to move forward in our new life we are also stepping away from our old life. Even though it is what we want there is still a part of us that may be apprehensive or that may miss parts of the old life. Giving away the old clothes is a tangible reminder of the old life you are moving away from. Yeah its normal to miss the old...but that's'll still enjoy the new! emoticon

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7/21/14 9:12 P

Today I gave away ALL my way to big clothes and for some reason feel somewhat sad. I should be feeling happy i'm no longer that size and that someone else can wear them! I never planned on wearing them again and didn't want to be "tempted" by keeping one or two "just in case". For some reason, I miss my old clothes! This a normal feeling?

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