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LILLEAN Posts: 884
8/15/13 8:36 P

I adjusted it and its fine now. My calories are now 1490-1850 and burning 2200 per week. Thanks. I knew something was wrong.

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8/15/13 8:32 P

That does not sound right to me. Why don't you try starting it over again (it's easy for me to hit a wrong button along the way) and see if you get the same results.

LILLEAN Posts: 884
8/15/13 8:10 P

So since starting insanity almost two months ago, spark people raise my calories from 1200-1550 to 1480-1850, until two days ago. I adjusted my fitness goal from burning 2180 exercise calories per week to burning 2200 calories per week (since I've been burning over the 2180). My total number of calories to consume decreased instead of increasing. So now I'm burning 2200 calories per week and eating 1200-1550. Is that right?

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