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Is Peanut butter bad for you?

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Posts: 2,535
3/14/11 8:14 P

It is bad if you are allergic to peanuts, or if you eat it in high quantities.

Posts: 2,277
3/14/11 8:13 P


Posts: 6,547
3/14/11 7:51 P

it's good in moderation

SparkPoints: (22,234)
Fitness Minutes: (6,534)
Posts: 1,392
3/14/11 5:34 P

moderation 2 tablespoons should be sufficient

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Posts: 3,870
3/14/11 4:01 P


SparkPoints: (46,075)
Fitness Minutes: (34,714)
Posts: 2,464
3/14/11 3:24 P

Can't believe I'm reading this because right now I'm thinking about getting a tablespoon of peanut butter....hmmm...think I may now.

SparkPoints: (174,377)
Fitness Minutes: (158,423)
Posts: 7,274
3/14/11 3:18 P

Not if used with moderation. But it is a trigger food for me. I love Jif Extra Chunky.

Posts: 1,827
3/14/11 3:18 P

Nuts are good for us and we need some fat in our diets to be healthy. Use your tracker to see what is a good amount for you. Too much of anything can be bad for us including air and water.

Posts: 1,663
3/14/11 2:42 P

I'm glad because peanut butter is the one thing that I can turn to to control cravings. I usually eat one or two spoonfuls, often for breakfast on toast. It satisfies my hunger and my stomach isn't growling an hour later. If I eat cereal or something similar, I'm hungry again by mid-morning. So yay peanut butter! It's a diet staple for me. (Sometimes I trade off with (natural) almond butter, too. I can get both freshly ground at the health food store here and it's cheaper than jar brands.)

SparkPoints: (81,480)
Fitness Minutes: (38,352)
Posts: 2,695
3/14/11 2:36 P

Peanut butter with no additives (sugar, extra oil,
preservatives, etc.) in moderation is healthy!

Posts: 12,744
3/14/11 2:33 P

natural peanut butter is good for you (in moderation)

SparkPoints: (200,290)
Fitness Minutes: (170,824)
Posts: 18,692
3/14/11 2:24 P

The hydrogenated ones are. Buy the ntural ones where the oil sits on the top, that you have to mix your self.

SparkPoints: (91,517)
Fitness Minutes: (111,754)
Posts: 4,430
3/14/11 2:06 P

I don't believe so!

Posts: 1,174
3/14/11 1:16 P

Peanut butter is good for you, as long as you eat it in moderation. I buy natural PB, with no added sugar or salt. It's a good source of protein!

SparkPoints: (23,705)
Fitness Minutes: (4,102)
Posts: 715
3/14/11 1:08 P

I love it but always measure it since it is so high in cals and fat.

Posts: 984
3/14/11 1:08 P

Everyone else here has nailed it on the "healthy fat but watch serving size and great for protien" line. I did see the few brands and the Salmonella scare, that is definitely newsworthy...
Also my Dr. told me at one point when I was having a lot of stomach problems (digestive and what he thought was gallbladder related) to cut back since it is high in fat (although healthy) it can exacerbate gallbladder issues.

Posts: 1,035
3/14/11 12:57 P

No, not in moderation. It can actually be good for you. It has good fats. Natural is the best, but somehow doesn't taste as good as the popular brands.

Posts: 259
3/14/11 12:55 P

It's great (in moderation).

Posts: 2,203
3/14/11 12:46 P

Your mom maybe read that peanut butter can aflatoxin, which is a cancer-causing substance in it. It is a toxic mold that is almost all cases can not be seen with the naked eye. I was disappointed to find this out since I love peanut butter on crisp apple slices.

An alternative is almond butter, which is not supposed to have aflatoxin. You can make it or buy it.

Posts: 16,826
3/14/11 12:30 P


SparkPoints: (10,845)
Fitness Minutes: (10,848)
Posts: 324
3/14/11 11:54 A

Peanut Butter and any foods can fit in a healthy diet. So much of it is portion control that is the issue. I buy the Natural Peanut butter for my daughter because it doesn't have added trans fats. For myself, I use powdered peanut butter made by Bell Plantations. It is awesome in smoothies! It only has about 50 calories per 2 tbsp.

Posts: 1,345
3/14/11 11:48 A

Depends on how much you eat. Peanut Butter can be good for you. I just love the stuff but always had a hard time with portion. Once I stick a spoon in a jar look out. I found Jiffy individual (TBS) cups sold in packages of 8. I CAN EAT JUST ONE

SparkPoints: (35,936)
Fitness Minutes: (66,181)
Posts: 7,159
3/14/11 11:21 A

I don't think it is bad for us, but like anything else it has to be eaten in moderation..
Moderation is a shock for some people that makes it not worth it in the ratio we should respect it in..

SparkPoints: (8,772)
Fitness Minutes: (4,165)
Posts: 341
3/14/11 11:19 A

Everything in moderation..

SparkPoints: (138,866)
Fitness Minutes: (208,335)
Posts: 20,575
3/14/11 11:13 A

Recently, a couple of brands of peanut butter had been pulled from the shelves because of salmonella contamination. That might be the news report your mother heard.

Otherwise, peanut butter can be extremely good for a person as long as they are mindful of the portion and buying the natural brands. The mainstream brands can contain many fillers and preservatives. Thus the reason to buy natural.

Of course, if you're worried about peanut butter, how about almond butter ? It's extremely rich and you only need a small dab to get a full blast of flavor. I'm a big fan of almond butter. It's expensive, but like I said because it's so rich, you only need a very small dab to be satisfied.

Posts: 499
3/14/11 11:11 A

I think it has benefits if you don't eat too much at a time

SparkPoints: (74,552)
Fitness Minutes: (52,395)
Posts: 3,497
3/14/11 10:33 A

I stopped buying it because I absolutely love PB and have trouble sticking to a serving size. Also if I crunch on whole nuts instead of PB, I feel fuller for longer.

I don't think it's unhealthy because it's full of good fats and has protein. I think the best PB you can buy is from a store that grinds the peanuts on site.

SparkPoints: (95,846)
Fitness Minutes: (34,734)
Posts: 5,742
3/14/11 10:31 A

It's not bad for you. Eating too much of it may hinder your weight loss, because it is high in fat (healthy fat still has lots of calories). Just measure out your portions.

SparkPoints: (27,347)
Fitness Minutes: (37,205)
Posts: 727
3/14/11 10:26 A

No, of course not

Posts: 4,158
3/14/11 10:26 A

I eat a tablespoon of peanut butter every single day. Sorry but I'm as healthy as I can be and my doctor has confirmed it.

Posts: 3,026
3/14/11 9:58 A

No, From ever thing I have read peanut butter is very good for you. However buy the ones with out add oils.

SparkPoints: (57,069)
Fitness Minutes: (34,908)
Posts: 2,323
3/14/11 9:57 A

I agree with Killer Joe. Just count it in. It has protien and we do need some fats in our diet.

SparkPoints: (57,340)
Fitness Minutes: (56,933)
Posts: 3,204
3/14/11 9:56 A

not in moderation

SparkPoints: (111,167)
Fitness Minutes: (113,577)
Posts: 4,006
3/14/11 9:54 A

no you need protein, but in moderation!

SparkPoints: (65,271)
Fitness Minutes: (55,315)
Posts: 3,730
3/14/11 9:52 A

No such thing although natural versions are better than the sugar laden ones. Any with trans fats are bad. And most important, factor in the calories.

PB and banana on a whole grain wrap or slice of toast is an awesome breakfast!

Posts: 15,787
3/14/11 9:50 A

So long as you're counting the calories, fat, carb & proteins in your diet then all is well, INCLUDING having peanut butter.

Posts: 6,501
3/14/11 9:35 A

EVERYTHING is okay in moderation!

Posts: 7,588
3/14/11 9:28 A

no in moderation

Posts: 998
3/14/11 9:23 A

Not if you eat it in moderation.

SparkPoints: (53,542)
Fitness Minutes: (7,476)
Posts: 3,769
3/14/11 9:22 A

I think moderation is key to enjoying peanut butter plus other foods. I like PB but prefer smooth creamy almond butter.

Posts: 105
3/14/11 9:03 A

No. It's good for you, in moderation.

Posts: 1,223
3/14/11 9:01 A

depends on the type of PB you buy. I like the all natural type myself. And be careful to measure!

Posts: 11,447
3/14/11 8:53 A


SparkPoints: (211,830)
Fitness Minutes: (87,276)
Posts: 11,591
3/14/11 8:26 A

It's good for you but high in calories. Eat in moderation.

SparkPoints: (10,999)
Fitness Minutes: (7,303)
Posts: 545
3/14/11 8:23 A

Yes, it is wonderful for you if you buy healthy peanut butter as suggested, and remember to measure carefully. It is high in calories, but if you measure and enjoy it in moderation it is a great(and quick) source of protien. I LOVE almond butter.

Posts: 317
3/14/11 8:19 A

It's fine as long as you're careful to buy brands that aren't full of hydrogenated oils and you don't live on it you'll be okay! Try real peanut butter instead of the major brands as they aren't full of preservatives or tons of calories. emoticon

Posts: 2,680
3/14/11 8:15 A

Everything in moderation. Peanut butter is fine. We love it, eat it all the time.

Posts: 5,717
3/14/11 8:11 A

My mom has told me not to buy peanut butter anymore because according to an article she read, peanut butter is bad for health.

What do you think?

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