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8/31/09 5:20 P

Thanks everyone for your responses. I understand now :)

Have a great day!

KAY-AICH Posts: 428
8/31/09 4:22 P

Um, it is a legume. it is a vegetable that has protein in it! Also high in fiber.

JDOG1960 Posts: 806
8/31/09 10:40 A

Thanks for the info Becky. That's pretty high powered veggie!

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8/30/09 9:27 P


8/30/09 7:48 P

If you are eating beans, you are mixing your starches (which is another word for complex carbohydrates) and your protein...because all beans naturally contain both protein and starch (just in different amounts)

For 1 cup of beans:
garbanzo: 12 grams protein, 54 grams carbohydrate
green beans: 2 grams protein, 6 grams carbohydrate
Edamame: 17 grams protein, 15 grams carbohydrate

dietitian Becky

8/30/09 12:24 P

Thank you for your responses folks; I appreciate them.

Dietician Becky: I guess I should rephrase my question.... I am confused as to whether our bodies process fresh edamame as a vegetable (like green beans) or as a bean (like garbanzo beans or kidney beans). I eat vegetables at all of my meals and pair them with starch (rice, pasta, potatoes) and with proteins (such as tofu, legumes, eggs, salmon, etc); however, I am not mixing my proteins and starches in the same meal.

Thanks again for your feedback. I wish you all a lovely day!

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8/27/09 9:47 P

Have you seen the dry roasted edamame they have at Costco? Only ingredients are edamame and light sea salt. I eat them as snacks, on a hike, or any time I need protein or fiber!

8/27/09 7:15 P

I am not sure what your diet plan is...but vegetables and beans are all a natural combination of carbohydrate and protein. You get both in a nutritious package.

Dietitian Becky

8/27/09 2:57 P

Thank you for your response NIRERIN... I guess in this case I should eat them with my proteins rather than with my starches.

Have a great day!

NIRERIN Posts: 14,102
8/27/09 2:47 P

all beans are technically both. if you eat meat, they can be counted as veggies. but if you don't eat meat, you'd be better off counting them as a protein.

8/27/09 2:41 P

I am following a fairly strict eating plan and am trying not to combine my starches with my proteins. I eat edamame quite a bit but am unsure whether to count it as a vegetable or as a protein (like other beans)... does anyone know how whether edamame is digested as a vegetable or as a protein?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!

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