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JLEMUS1 Posts: 4,054
3/25/14 10:36 A

I say yes!

SUZIEQUE77 SparkPoints: (9,271)
Fitness Minutes: (40)
Posts: 1,068
3/25/14 10:12 A

MJ said:"I think I read somewhere that you count half of it."
I have read just about everything somewhere, and most of it contradicts something else read elsewhere. The best answer is to look at the scientific evidence behind the claims. I am 55 and drink diet soda and coffee, crystal light, and other products with GASP....aspartame and /or splenda in them. And many days I drink absolutely NO plain water.

I suppose by this rationale, drinking 8 oz. of plain water would count as water, but if you consumed the powder from the drink mix separately (as in Pixie stix or something), that would not negate the water, but somehow mixing it in your glass negates part or all of the value of the water content? That makes no sense.

I just turned 55 yesterday. I am not on any medications, don't have diabetes, I'm not overweight, no high blood pressure, no chronic back pain or other such pains or problems. I'm sure some will think I'm an anomaly like the cases we hear of where somebody who smoked a pack of cigarettes every day for 85 years somehow lived to be 100, but I don't think I'm an anomaly. I think the fact I eat fairly balanced, calorie controlled meals, and the fact I keep my weight where it should be, and I don't smoke and rarely drink trump all the other health recommendations out there. I don't believe the hype about "how bad" artificial sweeteners are for you. The effects of being overweight are far worse, and the sweeteners make controlling my overall intake more pleasurable.

MJEFFERSON23 SparkPoints: (32,691)
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Posts: 1,280
3/25/14 9:08 A

I think I read somewhere that you count half of it. emoticon

MATTHEW0498 SparkPoints: (32,853)
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Posts: 1,377
3/25/14 9:03 A

I've always counted it as water.

WINSTONSUZ Posts: 5,625
3/24/14 8:31 P

I count my ice tea I make each morning from powdered tea mix........ I make a 32 oz cup each morning and after I drink that I have plain water the rest of the day/night...... put I count that 32 oz towards my water intake for the day.

GONNALOSE5 Posts: 975
3/23/14 4:46 P

I would say yes, it is.

ETHELMERZ SparkPoints: (251,185)
Fitness Minutes: (209,240)
Posts: 18,801
3/23/14 2:20 P

Yep, my dietitian also says that, and wonders why so many don't get it? My choice is coffee, day and night, and that is liquid so it counts, doesn't have to be plain old water, unless that is all you have available to you all the time, and you live in the boonies.

TRYINGHARD54 Posts: 5,292
3/23/14 9:07 A

yes. so is coffee, and tea. my nutritionist told me that.

DIGIT00 Posts: 7,629
3/23/14 8:52 A

I'm getting on my soapbox here...Crystal light is one of the worse drinks someone could consume. We had a lot of people coming in to the office and going to the ER complaining of lower back pain. Come to find out, they were having kidney issues. ALL of those with the worse problems, were drinking Crystal Light. Look at the packaging before you buy. It is NOTHING BUT CHEMICALS. Aspertame is the sweetner of choice and not one meant for human consumption. It started out in use for rat, mice and ant traps. I have seen too many people have issues with food and this is one of the worse. Kidney issues and severe headaches are the two biggest complaints. Doc would tell the patients to get rid of their Crystal Light and go back to straight water... Amazingly enough, these same patients would come back 3-4 weeks later symptom free... HHMMMM Really makes one think. Ok, I'm off my soapbox now.

EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
3/23/14 8:45 A

"Water" as it relates to diet should be more accurately considered "metabolic water". That means it's the fluid your body uses in its typical physiologic functions.
So liquids and very liquidy foods are part of that component. Naturally, anything other than simply water isn't going to be used in the same volume as pure water, but you should be counting anything you drink (including soups), including any flavored drinks, and things like gelatin or popsicles.
I certainly wouldn't count a cup of gelatin as a cup of water, but I would probably count it as half, or some such.

SUZIEQUE77 SparkPoints: (9,271)
Fitness Minutes: (40)
Posts: 1,068
3/23/14 4:13 A

Yes, even Weight Watchers now says any beverage (including coffee or diet soda or others with caffeine can be counted as water. It needs to be noted that if you drink a lot of caffeine beverages, you would probably need a bit more water though. (Certainly not twice as much).

I do agree that water is "better for you" than flavored drinks with artificial ingredients and sweeteners, but I do not believe the media hype about how bad they are, and I do enjoy them and really am a bit spoiled in that I prefer them over water and have no intention to stop using them, or even cutting down on them.

SUGAR0814 Posts: 5,457
3/23/14 12:53 A

I would count it since a serving only has 5 calories.

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (544,609)
Fitness Minutes: (338,807)
Posts: 15,212
3/22/14 11:31 P

Yes, I think so.

BLUENOSE63 SparkPoints: (108,021)
Fitness Minutes: (82,255)
Posts: 2,954
3/22/14 9:53 P

Yes it is as the majority of it is water.

SWEETCALA1962 Posts: 433
3/22/14 5:11 P

I count it as flavor water

JOYCECAIN SparkPoints: (137,158)
Fitness Minutes: (94,920)
Posts: 3,627
3/22/14 3:03 P

No, it is like drinking Kool-Aid.

SPARKY_DAN Posts: 65
3/22/14 12:21 P

I count it as water.

GARDENDIVA2 Posts: 612
3/22/14 12:18 P

Years ago when I went to Weight Watcher they suggested that anything other than plain water should be counted as only 1/2 a serving. Even though most of it is water, the flavoring and color is just chemicals.

BANANNA38 Posts: 252
3/22/14 12:18 P

I count it, but I know it has a lot of artificial chemicals. I have been switching more to True Lemon. It is in the same powdered drink area. The Rasberry Lemonade flavor is delicious and it is more natural than crystal light. But I still use crystal light for the peach iced tea. I just try to drink a glass of plain water first before I drink a glass of flavored water.

3/22/14 10:15 A

I would think so. Most fluids count as water but if it has caffeine (iced tea or something) it's a diuretic so it's recommended you drink plain water with it. Hope this helps!

JEFFGIRL Posts: 10,962
3/22/14 8:29 A

It would seem to be seem since 2 quarts are made of water.

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