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11/23/10 8:17 P

OMG...I am seeing 400-500 calories in a serving. DONT'T think of these as a snack, rather a meal. Here is where I found the info:

dietitian Becky

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11/23/10 5:45 P

Personally, I would handle these like a dessert. They are too many calories for me to consume regularly on something like this.

In general, fruit juice has just as much sugar (or more) than the same amount of coke or pepsi, even 100% real juice. You should limit yourself to no more than 6-8 oz of juice per day. (small children and toddlers should have no more than 6 oz/day.)

11/23/10 4:28 P

I know at the Booster Juice locations near me, they have a binder listing nutritional info, which is quite helpful. From what I remember, the snack size is pretty reasonable, but the larger sizes can be the equivalent of a full meal in terms of calories. I like to keep them as a once in a while treat.

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11/23/10 3:54 P

I watched them make mine today. They put ice, whole fruit, some juice, and yogurt.

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11/23/10 3:48 P

It's probably pretty healthy- we don't have one here, but I looked it up and it seems they make their drinks with 100% real juice. The sweetness is natural fruit- try to get the nutritional information. I prefer smoothies made with whole frozen fruit and a little juice, rather than juice and ice, so watch how they make them. Whole fruit is going to give you more nutritional value plus fiber where juice won't.
Overall i'm betting they aren't a snack- they are probably more like a meal replacement. A smoothie could contain 4 or 5 servings of fruit!

11/23/10 3:46 P

I'm not familiar with Booster Juice, but fruit juices and smoothies are loaded with sugar found naturally in the fruit. And sometimes they serve you HUGE portions which are unreasonable. A better post-workout treat would be something like a container of Greek yogurt with fruit. It's got a lot of protein and a little sweetness from the fruit.

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11/23/10 3:30 P

At my school's HUGE gym, there's a Booster Juice where most people go after a workout. I really like it and it's a nice treat after a workout, but is it really as healthy as they say? It tastes so sweet - I have this fear I'm actually drinking 40g of sugar!!

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