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MUNKOS Posts: 1,007
4/13/13 4:50 P

It definitely depends on your body. I'm petite, and when I lost my initial weight with spark, 1250 was the magic number for me most days. I'm losing again now at about 1350 (dropping baby weight this time!) but I know it about 10 pounds time I'll have to drop down to 1250 again unless I exercise my face off...and with a baby to look after all day, that just won't happen this time slow and steady it will be for me, too!

As for maintenance, I always gave myself about a 5 pound lee-way one way or the other. My goal was 125, if I went above 130 it was time to buckle down, if I went below 120, time to make sure I was eating enough. I'm luck though and for me maintaining loss has never really been an issue, my body adapts to my calorie needs pretty well - but 5 pounds for me is my max "gain back" when I am maintaining.I know it's not so easy for everyone else!

SONICB Posts: 4,378
4/13/13 10:54 A

If you don't mind being patient for a bit (slow and steady wins the race!) and you find that you are losing weight at 1800 calories, then go for it! SP's calorie recommendations work for most people, but everyone is different. If I followed SP's range for maintenance, I would lose weight and be cranky all the time. Everyone's body is different. Find what works for you!

HEAT04 Posts: 116
4/12/13 3:25 P

Nope, I didn't want to be the rude one. I appreciate your response emoticon


DATPANNA Posts: 158
4/12/13 3:00 P

Lol! Oh no, I wasn't worried about you hijacking it! In fact, if you could, that'd be fine. :) I just want to make sure you get informed answers to your question. I've gotten mine answered, and I just want to make sure you get your's thoughtfully answered as well. That's all. I hope I didn't come across otherwise!

HEAT04 Posts: 116
4/12/13 2:58 P

Aww, thanks! I didn't want to hijack your thread or anything. It was a very valid question! Calorie range is something I struggle with, too! Mine is mostly a mental struggle with myself! emoticon

DATPANNA Posts: 158
4/12/13 2:42 P

Yes, you are very close to maintenance range-- CONGRATULATIONS! :D Maintaining is probably just as tricky as losing weight-- if not more so at first. You could try posting about it and asking other members who're also maintaining?

I've read a couple posts, and it seems like they just have to accept some fluctuation (2-3 lbs stated one member) but if it fluctuates more than that, examine their diet and calorie intake more closely. It's about finding what works for you in terms of range, and continuing to lead a healthy life style, so I hear. I think you should expect MINOR fluctuation, because that's normal and healthy and natural once you reach your goal though.

I'm not to that point yet, so I can't give much advice there.

In terms of your now higher range, well, if you feel good on the lower end of that range still, that's fine-- But eat if you get hungry. Your body will more than likely let you know if you're not consuming enough for the amount you're exercising. I do suggest asking other members though! :)

HEAT04 Posts: 116
4/12/13 2:33 P

That's a good question. I just upped my exercise another day (just today actually because I normally go 3 days and I only put in for 2) and it of course gave me a higher range.

But, I've been also thinking about how I will maintain as I get closer to my goal. I feel like it's going to set me back if I start eating more than my normal range. I've been doing so well since January - I don't want to mess up my streak.

DATPANNA Posts: 158
4/12/13 2:00 P

This makes sense for me-- All of this that most have stated too. I noticed I only got to 1600 yesterday and felt great. I think my body is adjusting to smaller meals now, after the week of 1800's. I won't worry too much, and I'll shoot for the middle of my calorie range. I don't mind slow loss at all!! Loss is loss, and half a pound a week is something to be proud of. No more quick fixes for me. I want to enjoy my life style so that I'll stick with it.

AFFINITY6 SparkPoints: (5,631)
Fitness Minutes: (6,400)
Posts: 26
4/12/13 12:00 P

my cal goal on here is set for 1450-1850....i find that im generaly full around 1300 and participate in step aerobics 5 days a week for 30 min each day....ive lost about 20 lbs in the last month.....i wonder if thats good or not...i feel great.. i track, fat, cals, protien, fiber and sodium always where they belong...i just dont feel hungry to eat that many cal....

JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
4/12/13 10:06 A

I think it just depends if you are creating that deficit. As long as you are, you will lose.

My range is the 1200 to 1550 range, and I am all over it. Somedays I'm 12 and barely 12, other days I come in a 1548 and am happy. I don't really worry about the calories too much though. I eat when I am hungry, stop when I'm full, or satisfied, so that I don't overeat, and I'm usually right in my range.

I wouldn't worry about it too much. Just keep up the good work!

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,313)
Fitness Minutes: (15,545)
Posts: 9,713
4/12/13 9:14 A

I have been eating around 1800 since I joined SP (though I've been aiming for lower recently) and I've lost weight steadily. If you are active and exercise a lot, it could be just fine.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,249
4/12/13 6:44 A

most people try and lose the maximum that the system will let them input to lose, which tends to plop most women into the 1200-1550 category whether they should be there or not. at just over 200lbs, it's possible that you could lose 2lbs per week right now. in other words, that's a reasonable goal while you are that weight [it won't be in 20 or 30lbs or so]. if your calorie expenditures for the day are around 2000 and you're eating around 1800, you're creating a 200ish to 250 calorie deficit for the day. which translates to losing half a pound a week. if you're fine with trading off your faster loss period for a slower loss that is easier for you to do, great, do it. a lot of people have to step down their calories to a level where they feel comfortable, particularly if they were eating a lot more right before. for example if someone was eating 3000 cals a day, cutting back to 1200 is going to be painful. a person has the option of sucking it up and suffering through or they can try eating 2700 cals for a few weeks, then eating 2400 cals for a few more weeks, 2100 for a few weeks, 1800 for a few weeks and then down to 1500 cals. it's easier to cut a few hundred calories out of your day and that gives your stomach time to adjust down with you.

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
4/12/13 6:16 A

Ha, sorry Aunty Kris! I do exercise more, plus I think I'm taller, and the whole younger metabolism thing. When I went to 1800ish I still lost 1kg in 6 weeks. Now I'm closer to 2000 and I'm maintaining.

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (246,903)
Fitness Minutes: (41,372)
Posts: 26,787
4/12/13 3:38 A

LUCKY PIG - anything over 1600 cal's and I GAIN! (Mind you, I don't do anywhere near the amount of exercise that you do, either!)


BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
4/12/13 3:33 A

I preferred to eat at a higher calorie range for a slower loss. It worked for me, but I was around 1600 most of the time. You could still lose on 1800. This is in my maintenance range, but I still lose on that amount.

DATPANNA Posts: 158
4/12/13 3:25 A

I believe I have been so far, though I have no food scale. I have been losing weight, so I assume so.

I've actually been hearing the faint reminders of my nutrionist in my head, as well as my doctor, lol. I try to balance out my meals with healthy proteins in every meal/snack, complex carbs, and enough fruits and veggies for the day.

I'd say I'm on the right track. I'm really avid about making sure my blood sugar is stable throughout the day, so that's probably the driving factor.

No worries. I'm hoping for a half pound to a pound a week. :) As long as the scale goes down over time, all is well.

Thanks! :)

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SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (246,903)
Fitness Minutes: (41,372)
Posts: 26,787
4/12/13 3:16 A

When you accurately record all the details, then SP will fairly accurately tell you what range you need to be eating in. That is a very good place to start.

Are you recording all the food you eat accurately? I weigh all of mine for increased accuracy because it is amazing how inaccurate we are when we guess the weight of food, even if we are accurate with guessing weights of other things :-(

I am sure that by paying attention to WHAT you eat as well as how much, then you will see your numbers come down. Don't aim for a quick drop, tho', because that is the best way to set yourself up for a fall. People who lose fast generally gain it all back and then some, just as fast!

Good luck,

DATPANNA Posts: 158
4/12/13 1:42 A

I re-entered my fitness information (I didn't update it, but I DID update my weight and such), and it dropped my daily calorie limit to 1760, which isn't bad at all. I've been pretty much on point.

Thanks for the tip.

4/12/13 1:35 A

If it's been a couple years since you filled out the information then I strongly suggest starting over and filling it out again since you don't know what SparkPeople could have changed. I do that every time I start over even if I've only been away for a few months. It keeps the information up to date and it also gives me added motivation because I feel like I have a fresh slate and nothing can bring me down.

I'm also 21 so I understand what it's like to compare yourself to everyone and how much of a downer it can be. But the neat thing is, you aren't everyone else. You are you and only you get to choose what path you take. With SparkPeople you've chosen to be awesome. :D

DATPANNA Posts: 158
4/12/13 12:51 A

It does! I shouldn't of been comparing myself to everyone else. :) Also, it's been a couple years since I filled out the information, so I was a bit concerned that it wasn't accurate-- But I was also lighter then. I'll just pay attention to what my body does over the next couple weeks. Thank you!

4/12/13 12:37 A

SparkPeople determines how many calories you should eat based on the information you inputed when first starting out on the site. Assuming that you accurately (as best you could) filled out every question, then I wouldn't worry about it. Your calorie range is set up for however quickly you want to lose the weight. Those of us who have a lower calorie range either have fewer pounds to lose or are trying to lose them as quickly as possible (safely, of course). You can try following the calorie range Spark gives you. If you find that it is too high for the amount of exercise you are getting then feel free to lower it. It's all about finding what works for you. Hope this helps. :)

DATPANNA Posts: 158
4/12/13 12:13 A

Hi there.

Well, this is just out of curiosity. I've noticed that many people have a 1,200-1,500 calorie goal range on average on this site, and mine is often 1,500-1,800-- More often than not 1,800 because my body feels full and happy on 1,800.

I'm wondering if this is too high. I understand weight loss for many works by caloric deficit. My exercise right now isn't the best, because I'm just getting started, so I don't get in a full 30 a day usually. Is 1,800 too much-- Should I aim lower or would this be okay?

I'm only 21. When I calculate my calories burned a day for a sedentary lifestyle, I get about 2,000. Is there enough of a gap for small weight loss? I'm not looking for anything fast, but something that I find sustainable. I'm sure I'll burn well over 2,000 whenever I get my cardio up anyway.

I just don't want my body to plateau immediately. So, opinions, facts, advice, input?

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