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11/8/12 8:11 A

He is an article with a extensive list with amounts and types as well as some tips and tricks to improve absorption.


Coach Tanya

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11/8/12 3:35 A

Do you eat meat? If so, lean red meat is the best source. Having your meals with some Vitamin C (from fruit/veges) helps the absorption considerably.

I don't know how accurate it would be tracking it because a lot of foods have iron in them, but they aren't on the Nutrition Labels.

Below are a couple links which you may find helpful:

I have had severe iron deficiency and it caused me to want to sleep all day, and when I would get up to walk anywhere in the house, I often blacked out. BUT having said that, tiredness can be caused by many MANY different factors - some medical and some just depending on what you have been doing. Even the change of season can cause it, so don't assume that if you are tired, it is because your iron is low! My suggestion is that if you are thinking of taking a supplement without first checking with your Dr and having your bloods done to see if you need them, then don't. Having too much iron can actually be dangerous.


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11/8/12 1:18 A

If you think you may have an iron deficiency, I would recommend seeing a doctor for the proper blood work. While non-heme iron sources such as cereals are not absorbed as readily as heme iron sources, adding vitamin C greatly increases non-heme iron absorption in the GI tract.

Non-heme iron/ Vitamin C combo examples:
spinach salad with tomato slices
kidney beans sauteed with some yellow and/or green peppers
green smoothie with kiwi

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11/7/12 8:58 P

fish, broccoli, brussels sprouts...spinach also, but more so if you combine it with those other ingredients...I usually throw broc/sprouts/spinach into the steamer for 15 minutes for a boat-load of iron :)

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11/7/12 8:55 P

I added iron to my nutrition tracker and I see I have problems getting enough of it. On the days I eat grape nuts for breakfast, I always get enough but I don't eat that everyday. Anyone have suggestions to get more iron? Isn't iron deficiencies what makes you feel tired?

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