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KAYE454 Posts: 3,470
4/7/10 11:40 P

How do I learn how to download and operate a IPod?

ANDI_3K Posts: 1,637
4/7/10 9:12 P

Does it havea radio function or Ap? I am thinking of getting one but I need a radio function for the Y

TUBBY1414 Posts: 40
4/7/10 4:58 P

I love mine and use it all the time.

JETTSTAR999 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (24,370)
Posts: 601
4/6/10 8:44 A

I've always wanted one of those.

KINDRAPUP SparkPoints: (18,894)
Fitness Minutes: (42,221)
Posts: 94
4/5/10 11:38 P

I've dropped it so many times it should be broken by now. It's pretty strong.

4/5/10 11:01 P

Thanks! That does help, I wasn't sure if they were reliable,like if the screen breaks easily:P

4/5/10 10:57 P

Yeah, I think I will get one. :D

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FSURACHAEL SparkPoints: (7,510)
Fitness Minutes: (3,836)
Posts: 706
4/5/10 9:00 P

I don't have an iPod touch but I have an iPhone which is basically the same thing - love it! Couldn't function without it now. and the SP application is awesome.

KINDRAPUP SparkPoints: (18,894)
Fitness Minutes: (42,221)
Posts: 94
4/5/10 7:29 P

I love my ipod touch. I have it on me all the time. It has been really helpful in tracking my food using the sparkpeople application. I take it with me when I run and when I have some down time i read some of the articles and message boards on the sparkspeople website.

I use the contacts, calendars, e-mail, and some other applications all the time. My new favorite application is the Coach 5K. It helps you get back into a running routine. Love it! Hope that helps.

4/5/10 4:53 P

I was thinking of buying a ipod touch, are they good? Thanks!

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