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7/28/13 7:49 A

I had traditional braces in the early 80s and they were cemented on, I had was quite bad. If you can find any improvement over that, take it and run. I did some reading on invisilgn and it sounds like a great way to go. If I had to do it all over again, I would use invisilign.

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7/28/13 7:00 A

I had traditional bracese when I was younger, but due to jaw problems I had to do it again as an adult. I opted to do the invisalign and I liked it a lot better. The trays were not nearly as painful as the metal and you can remove them from your mouth when you eat or drink and then brush your teeth before putting them back in. One downside was at the beginning, I had to go to my dentist every two weeks to get the new trays and this tapered off to about once a month toward the end. I also appreciated the fact that the trays were clear so I was even able to wear them for my sister's wedding although I did take them out for the pictures.

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7/28/13 3:24 A

Go on the invaslign website and they have providers in your state and city. It is so key from my research to go to someone who is a provider. I had braces as a kid but then my teeth shifted. It was more the bottom. I had gotten compliments about having nice teeth even before getting invisalign but I was not happy. My orthodontist did both the top and bottom but the bottom took longer and the top were just held in place. Also to make room since I had crowding I had some teeth shaved. From what I was told by many you don't want any pulled if it is not really needed. Before I chose to get invisalign I asked about vaneers and all the opinions I went for said you need to get your bight corrected before. Then I chose not to cause I was happy with the results from invisalign. I would go for a few opinions too.

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7/28/13 12:49 A

OMG - do it. I am 51 and got them two years ago. I had metal braces at 9 and the again at 13. Back then, they didn't tell you to wear the retainer for perpetuity (I would have done it if I knew).
Over time, the teeth shifted and I toyed with the idea but didn't jump in until I found a great ortho through a personal recommendation.

I am SO glad I did! My teeth are straight again. You can bet I will wear my retainer for ever, though eventually it's supposed to get to once or twice a week. My best friend saw how happy I was & saw my teeth and now she & her 18 yr old son are doing it together (and his teeth are really crooked, so it's not just for minor corrections, but every case is different). Her co-worker is now doing it as a result of seeing her progress, and another neighbor is doing it after seeing mine. Crazy!

It's not uncommon for teeth to keep move as an adult teeth (lots of stuff shifts w/ age!) so be prepared to wear that retainer.

There's been so many advances in orthodontics over the years. There are even different kinds of metal braces if that's what you opt for.
The BEST new thing is now they have digital impressions!! High accuracy and no gelatinous glop gagging you for 3 minutes!! Yay!!! (I still had some parts of treatment that required some of the old school impressions, but even those are better nowadays).

I loved the Invisalign as I could remove them when I had to do presentations for work, etc.

The pics & ads don't really convey all that is involved, though. I thought my top teeth were fine (they looked it compared to the bottom) but in truth, the whole bite needed to be aligned. You will probably end up with these "buttons" or "notches" - tooth colored attachments to the teeth to 'anchor' the braces and aid in specific movement. You will be self-conscious but hardly anyone will know you have them. I even had two of them on one of my front teeth. I even had to wear a rubber band at one phase in my treatment (oh well).

But it goes quickly and the results are worth it, and IMO it's still a better alternative to the traditional braces of yesteryear.

Every day I am SO glad I did this. My dr. was what's called an "elite' Invisalign provider - something to do with how many cases he does (he does a lot). Maybe look for one of those.

I'd say his practice is about 40% adults to 50% kids.

Like anything else, it's about choosing the right person to do it! Word of mouth (pun intended) is the best. Start asking around - I bet you'll find a lot of people have had or know someone who's had them.

Good luck!! PM me if you are in the So CA area and I'll give you my guy's name.

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7/27/13 11:57 P

If you have health insurance, talk to your regular doctor about your bite being off. If it's serious enough to affect the way you eat and your nutrition, there's an outside chance that your health insurance will pay some of the orthodontic costs if medical doctors recommend it. It's a very, very slim chance, but worth looking into.

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7/27/13 11:37 P

Thank you everyone for your responses! I do know that I wil spend alot of time researching different options as well as seeking options from dentists to orthodontists.

As far as the shifting is's been about 7 years so there has slight shifting every now and then so I was surprised to have a noticable different from last week to this week but typically that doesn't happen.

I thought invisalign would be a better option because I only have spaces that need correcting so my top teeth just need pushed together more.

I posted this after reading a ton of horror stories on different review sites. Some were great, a bunch were okay, and some thought it was a waste of money.

I think I am going to require a bunch of doctors to correct this issue because my bite has been off too.

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7/27/13 11:01 A

You're going to have to talk to an orthodontist with LOTS of experience in both types. My understanding is that Invisalign is really mean just for minor adjustments, but that may have changed.

But I suspect that before you do anything, they're going to have to figure out WHY your teeth shift so much. You say they "shifted again last week?" If they change suddenly enough that you can notice a difference from one week to the next, that suggests that there's some issue with the bone in your jaw or with the way the sockets developed. I would start by talking to your regular dentist about whether the movement could be a sign of a problem, and get a referral to a specialist to make sure everything's healthy before you start any orthodontics.

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7/27/13 10:55 A

My mom had invisalign for a few years in her 50s but it was to correct minor problems. You can get either the top or bottom set and it's basically a series of retainers that you wear about 3 months each full time. I agree with the PP that he best person to answer your questions would be a dentist who can tell you whether invisalign will work for you or if you need stronger measures.

In my own experience with braces, 4 years seems about average for the permanent stuff and then another 2-3 years for the removable retainers.

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7/27/13 10:45 A

I had it as a second set of ortho as well after not wearing my retainer from my braces however my situation was minor. I'm not sure if it would help your problem if it is as bad as you are saying but I would recommend getting a consultation. Most of them will do it for free and they should be able to tell you if it will correct your situation.

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7/27/13 9:52 A

I know this isn't really weight related or health related but I was wondering if anyone on here has ever had Invisalign for their teeth?

I'm 25 so I really don't want traditional braces again. Here's the story. When I was 13 I decided I needed braces because someone in middle school made funny of my teeth because I have a gap between my two front teeth. My parents agreed to let me get the braces and the orthodontist decided I had crowding so he took two of my adult teeth. I ended up having braces on for 4 years! And even after having them removed my two front teeth wouldn't stay together so they used multiple wires but it wouldn't work. So after two failed tries of the metal wire , they wanted $75 to deal with the wire situation. I was 18 and didn't have $75 a month to spend on continuing orthodontic care so my teeth started seperating. It was also my fault for not wearing my retainers as diligently as I should've.

Between my top 6 teeth I have gaps between all of my teeth. My bite has shifted and now my two front teeth are two different sizes and they shifted again last week and my gap has gotten bigger.

Obviously my mom was around for my first try at braces and she thinks I shouldn't get invisalign but I should get veneers. I think I should get my teeth together first before thinking of getting bonding or veneers because whenever my teeth shift won't the bondings shift too?

I am so self-conscious about my teeth and that is the 1# reason I refuse to take pictures of myself because they looks so bad. Also my boyfriend offered recently to pay for the invisalign instead of getting me an engagement ring :( I am NOT going to let him pay for it.I know my teeth bother him as he has made several comments in the past.

Okay so here are the questions

Has anyone had it done or knew anyone who did?
Were you able to get only top braces opposed to top and bottom?
Any other advice or wisdom?

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