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Intuitive eating totally works, but you have to focus on it for the *right* reasons. It is not going from a weight loss stand-point, it is a lifestyle overhaul, if that makes any sense?

I lead the intuitive eating team here on SP
and we're a group focused on the lifestyle of IE. Anyone who says that they dont' trust intuitive eating have not given themselves over to it. It is the most freeing and amazing way to eat and live.

Sparkpeople is ABSOLUTELY a diet. Any calorie counting/carb counting/fat counting/etc program IS a diet. Anything that teaches you to restrict and places the emphasis on calories over hunger is a diet. I have been on SP for almost six years and I've gone rounds with obsessively counting calories, militant exercise and body image issues. I turned to intuitive eating out of pure desperation and I am very thankful I did.

Feel free to message me if you ahve any questions or check out the link to the team, we'd love tohave you join!!

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10/30/12 2:45 P

That inner voice "Harriet" as Roger Gould M.D. calls her is a liar, so I couldn't trust "intuitive eating". I'm reading "THE SUGAR FIX" by Richard Johnson M.D. and find my problem is fructose (table sugar has 45% in a teaspoon). I recommend the book highly. Also, his lectures on YouTube.
Robert Lustig M.D. has the series "THE SKINNY ON OBESITY" on youtube and his lecture "Sugar: the bitter truth." Really great help.

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My sister recommended a book called "Intuitive Eating A Revolutionary Program that Works" which was published in 1995. My sister is a Health Promotion/nutrition coach who works with overweight and obese people. She is a big fan of websites such as Spark People, but mentioned that this book might bring me to the "next level." I've just started the book, but realize that according to the authors, Spark People's program is actually a diet. I have noticed after 6 months of diligent calorie tracking, weighing food, and using this website's tools, I am feeling some of my former habits creeping back in. For example, I find that instead of paying attention to my internal hunger and satiety cues, I focus on how many calories I have consumed, and how many calories I still have left to consume. I rely on my computer to generate those numbers for me and at the end of the day I anxiously await the verdict: Can I have a small dish of ice cream, or have I eaten all of my daily calories already?! When I see certain foods, I define them as "not worth it," even if I really would like to be capable of just having one. Can I satisfactorily eat only a handful of M&M's without worrying about the fact that I just might eat the whole bag if I open it?

And yet, Spark People's "diet" and counting calories has worked for me --- I have lost 24 lbs in 6 months --- I feel so much better and happier about myself. But, as I noted, I also notice some of the unhealthy attitudes about food remain in my life. Sometimes I feel like this rigid calorie counting may in fact backfire for me at some point in the near future. The very fact that I have to do it each day for every meal seems to imply that I cannot trust myself to know when I am full. I can't trust myself to make chocolate chip cookies anymore, and when I do, I tend to eat them with the idea that I may never get to eat them again! It's not all black and white. A happy medium of both diet and intuitive eating is probably possible. What do you think?

Any thoughts about intuitive eating?
Comments about whether or not Spark People feels like a "diet" to you?

Thanks for your ideas......

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