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10/8/11 11:07 P

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Congrats on taking the next step to reaching a healthier you by getting active with SparkPeople - it's a great community, wonderful resources and fantastic support- it's also lots of fun and easy to make friends because we're all in this together.
Sometimes the best way to start is to just pick a small goal such as drinking 8 glasses of water a day or eating 5 fruits and veggies - whatever you pick, I like the way a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE is emphasized here instead of a 'quick fix wonder diet' so it's good for people wanting to lose weight, but also to maintain a previous loss, get healthier, improve fitness and many other goals including gaining weight or saving money - it's about waaaaaay more than 'just' losing weight so you have definitely come to the right place! You're off to a great start already, just by posting here and I think you'll be at your goal before you know it!

Lynda in Orange County, So Calif


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10/8/11 10:59 P

Welcome to Spark People!! I am so glad you are here!

This is a great place to begin your weight loss journey. There are so many amazing resources to benefit from. From the fitness and nutrition trackers, to the teams and groups where you can get endless amounts of support, motivation, and advice to the articles which will make you fitness and health smart!

This is a great site! I hope you have much success!!

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10/8/11 10:28 P

Welcome to sparkpeople where it's a way of life and not a diet. Good luck on your weight loss journey. Feel free to email me or add me as a buddy if ya need any help.

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10/8/11 9:01 P

Welcome Ben,

Good for you for making healthy changes for you and your growing baby. You are doing a fantastic job. Keep on keepin' on!!

Have a look around the site and find common interst teams, add friends and challenges to make this jouney a lot more fun!

Congratulations to a new you,

Falling off the wagon isn't fatal! You might get a bruise or two but that'll just teach you to stop falling! ~Me

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10/8/11 8:54 P

Hello all. My name is Ben. I live in Indianapolis, Indiana. I started getting conserned about my weight at around 212-216. That and a new baby that I will all to soon have to keep up with drove me to drasticly change my diet and exercise habbits. I have been eating well and exercising 6 days a week for 6 weeks. I was at 184.4lbs at week 5. I just went on a week long vacation. Im at 186 now. I didn't exercise for a week and ate big lunch and dinner. I just signed up for spark people because it has already been so much help. I use the nutrition calculator and enjoy the Daily Spark e-mails. doing this on my own. I have a long way to go but I look forward to the trip.

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