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WENDYTZU Posts: 18
10/1/12 7:13 P

Wendy again-And this is an older pic, It was at about the 30 lbs loss.

WENDYTZU Posts: 18
10/1/12 7:11 P

Hi Im Wendy. I finished round 1 (and thats all I needed) of the HCG diet in May. I lost 26 lbs while doing 40 day s of injection. Ive lost 26 more on phase 2 & 3 to bring me to a total of 52 lbs. Which I'm very happy with. Im almost 5'10" and can wear a size 6-8 again (from a tight 16).
I went thru a Dr. sponsored program with labs, before & after and Dr visits every 10 days. Im a good case I guess. I had no side effects, no real cravings (yet) and didnt really find it all that difficult. It taught me portion control and I pretty much lost my craving for carbs. Never did have much of a sweet tooth. Potatoes, fries, chips were my downfall. I do have a potato/fries on occassion. I have it, Im over it and I dont eat them all. Now on maintenance, I basically cut out the "white" foods-sugar-flour etc, watch the fats and carbs. Lean mets, fresh veggies & fruits (some frozen). I cut out the Frankenfoods (processed crap). I also walk 3-4 miles-4-5 days a week, but with the Midwestern Winters coming up and no excercise equipment at home-I need a new exercise plan. Oh and Im 54- have Triplet sons almost age 20. Today is hubby and I's anniversay-34 yrs. Someone new at work said-when did you get married at age 2??? LOL- She guessed my age at age 35-36 yrs old and that felt good. I don't get all the flack about HCG. People have actually told me that I cheated to loose weight. Cheated? I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol (went from 208 to 122 total). You do what works, Ive tried it all. This worked for me!

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