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5/14/03 5:20 P

Hi Mike

I saw your post on Hiroko's board - don't worry about starting over with your goals. Reaching goals is definitely something you need to practice to learn the process. It's not something taught very well in our society.

You are on the right path!


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5/10/03 1:18 P

Hi Mike - I just made a big post answering your question on the fitness board - let me know if you have any questions from it!

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5/10/03 3:54 A

Thanks for the positive feedback everyone! Yes, Vancouver is a beautiful city. I love living here, and consider it the best place on earth, although I haven't yet explored much of the world. My progress was lacking this week, because I have opted to work 4 10 hour shifts per week instead of the ussual 5 8 hour shifts, I am finding it hard to find the energy during the workweek to go to the gym and workout. When I'm not at work I just want to relax and enjoy my day before I start at 4pm. Does anyone have some tips on how to motivate myself to get to the gym on these long workdays??? I need more energy!

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5/8/03 5:45 P

Hi Mike

We also have a bunch of local clients who are high school students. Many are working with us to get better results in soccer, tennis, or another sport. BUT, it's turning out that we're helping them in all areas of their lives. (I had the father of a client tell me that recently). Once high school client might end up working for us part-time to help even younger people.

Also, we have a student group at the University of Cincinnati doing big things - with about 20 active college members. Our nonprofit is also working with middle school students to teach our system - especially leadership, fitness, and nutrition.

So you aren't alone! I started forming SparkPeople when I was around 24. I really wish I had figured it out when I was your age - so I hope you really use all the areas over time. The results will amaze you!

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5/8/03 9:58 A

Game 7 tonight, Canucks vs. Wild! It's gonna be a good one.

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5/8/03 2:37 A

Hey Mikey,
How's it going??? I'm so glad that you told me about this program. And I wanted to thank you. Thank you bebe!!!!

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5/5/03 9:50 A

How're you doing Mike? Welcome to SP and the boards. We actually have a lot of people your age working with our coaches here in Cincinnati, so it's great that you're posting! So you're from Vancouver, is it as fantastic as everyone says?

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5/5/03 9:10 A

Hey Mike, my name is Zach. That's sweet you play for your frat, good luck moving up to the rep team. I actually got into hockey because my younger brother played for 6 years. I never learned to skate at all, so any chance I had of playing went down the tubes. I don't have MSN, but my parents do and I check it out whenever I go home. I have never been to a NHL game in person, but I did go to the NCAA Frozen Four once, it was sweet

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5/3/03 9:59 A

Go for it Mike ! This system will show you everything that you need to get your goals accomplished and there is a great criss-cross effect . I found just how well all my goals worked together and have had some really good results . The nutrition part will provide you with the whole package so that you can track your weight loss . Can't wait to read about your successes . GO CANUCKS GO .......... 3 to 1 in Minn. series ......... Wahoo!!!!!

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5/3/03 5:17 A

Hey, I'm from Vancouver. GO CANUCKS GO! and I'm a big time hockey fan. One of the reasons why I want to lose weight is so that I can play on my fratenity's rep hockey team, (I am currently the Captain of the house hockey team, and I know the extra luggage is the only thing that is preventing me from playing on the better team). What's your name? Do you have MSN???

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5/2/03 9:48 A

Hey Mike, welcome aboard. I am one of the younger guys using the system, as I just turned 21. My major goal when I started was to put on weight as I had always been thin as a rail. Since I started 9 months ago, I have added almost 20 pounds, basically all muscle weight. The system works, as long as you are willing to put in the time. So where in Canada are you from? I know this is stereotyping, but are you a big hockey fan, because I love it and not too many people I know are really into it.

CYPRINODON Posts: 7,586
5/2/03 9:29 A

Hi Mike:

Welcome to the SP Message Board.

My time management problem is mostly putting down too many things on my goal list, getting overwhelmed, and then not doing anything. I'm working on forcing myself to just focus on a few things at a time.

To help with weight management, consider joining the Million Minutes Exercise Challenge if you haven't done so already.

I'm very glad you have joined us.

5/2/03 9:00 A

Welcome Mike. Glad to have you with us. One of my goals is time management as well. I have a very nasty habit of procrastination, which tends to get me in trouble when I have deadlines to meet. The system here is nice becuase it alows you to log your progress and get some good advice from other users. I hope you find it as helpful as I do.


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5/2/03 4:44 A

Hey Everyone.
I'm Mike from Canada. I'm trying to take control of my life and vastly improve my time management skills. I'm 18, and seem to be one of the younger people to start "the system." My major goals are improving time management, and losing body fat.
Just introducing myself. I'd like to meet some people on here who are familiar with the system, and who have similar goals.

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