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DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
12/18/12 4:18 P

My trainer did tabata training on the treadmill-- it was 20 on and 20 off. In this case it was 20 sec at 6 miles per hour at a 4.0 incline and walking at 3 mph at no incline. we repeated for 10 minutes. I felt great after it.

Now I make up my own bodyweight routines and don't use the treadmill.

But it sounds good.

WINNIIIE Posts: 396
12/18/12 3:31 P

I know everyone on here is probably aware of the healthy benefits of interval and HIIT training. I was wondering if this work out would be considered an appropriate interval training workout aka- Would am I getting all the benefits of an interval workout/larger calorie burn.

Treadmill Workout
1-2 Minute warm up at 6.8 with a 2.5 incline (sorry I don't know the exact minutes per mile/ incline percentage)
20-30 Minutes of "intervals"
- Incline: 2-2.5 I will run 30 seconds at 7.1 and then up it to 8.2 for 30 seconds repeat several times (is that enough of an increase in speed to be considered interval/HIIT?)
- If I get really exhausted during my intervals, I up the incline up to 8.5-9.5 and walk at about 4-4.3 for about a few minutes to catch up breath a bit.
- Return to my intervals switching between 7.1 and 8.2 or higher
- 10 minutes walk to cool down with high incline (8.5-9) at about 4-4.3

My question is: Is this what would be considered an effective interval workout? I like to really switch things up rotating between running fast and walking at a very high incline. How much do you actually have to increase speed/the incline to "shock" your body and have a very effective workout?

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