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JIBBIE49 Posts: 72,181
11/15/12 9:59 A

I've been here for over five years, so we probably started about the same time. I'm sure u will be fine. emoticon

MAPSIMON74 Posts: 1
11/14/12 5:39 A

Just wanted to start by saying this is my first board post after 5 1/2 years of "sparking." Some recent health issues have compelled me to share my Spark story.

I joined Sparkpeople in 2007. I was having lunch with a girlfriend and told her I was ready to get serious about losing weight. My psychological "max size" clothes were getting tight. She began to tell me about this wonderful, free website she was using and thought I would like it. She gave me some background on how it came to be and described many of its features. As I was scribbling down the URL, she said don't bother, I'll send you the link. It has this cool points feature and she'd get points if I joined from her referral.

I started the very next day. I only needed to lose about 15 pounds, and they came off fairly easily over the next 5 months. Then, I decided to lower my original goal weight by 5 pounds. It took another 3 months to lose. I didn't immediately gain back the last 5, but it slowly came back over a few months. Even so, I have been able to maintain the original 15 pound loss for mroe than 5 years thanks to Sparkpeople.

Due to some recent health issues resulting in surgery, I have some very strict diet and activity restrictions for the next 4-6 weeks. I was told to expect about a 5 to 10 pound weight loss due to the dietary restrictions, but I am down 12 pounds. After years of dieting, I am now concerned about losing too much weight. What a concept! I know, however, that with all the tools from Sparkpeople and everything else I continue to learn about healthy eating, I will be able to gain the weight back once I can eat normally again. I think I'll set the goal at the extra 5 pound step from the first journey.

Thanks, Sparkpeople.

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