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7/29/13 10:03 A

Calculating calories burned is complex and tricky and nearly impossible to be 100% on. The benefits of exercise are not only burning calories. Exercise is also building muscle, improving cardiovascular performance, endurance, blood pressure, etc. As far as calories burned, if you entered your weight into the machine, it's as accurate as you are going to get without sophisticated equipment.

So when you are saying that you want to have an "effective" work out, it depends on what your definition of effective is. What are your goals with exercise? If your goal is to burn 200 calories, then stick with what you are doing. If your goal is to increase your ability, do something more challenging.

There are so many different ways to exercise, and it is up to you to decide which one works best for you and your lifestyle. If you like the elliptical, stick with it. If you feel like it is "easy", go faster, or do harder intervals. If you feel like you are "used to" the elliptical, you can vary it by doing a moderate pace for a longer period of time, adding more time, getting off the elliptical and doing jumping jacks every 5 minutes, whatever- get creative with it.

Here is a basic guideline for the difficulty level of your workout:

Easy pace: Can carry on a conversation
Moderate pace: Can speak in full sentences, but couldn't carry on a long conversation
Hard pace: Can speak single words, but cannot speak in full sentences

All exercise is good. What is "best" depends on you. In my opinion, the "best" exercise is what you don't mind doing and can commit to doing regularly.

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7/29/13 9:29 A

Hi I can't remember whether I input stats into the machine initially as I ve had this machine for a long time now...No one else has ever used this machine, it's mine and I am the only one ho has ever used it...the problem is that spark people site won't give the same result for 20 mins of cardio as I use interval training and that won't be taken into account by the fitness tracker i think...and it does matter as you burn more this way I hear...I think that to get heart healthy though you perhaps need to get your heart pumping at a certain rate but it's not necessary to get our heart rate that fast to burn calories...not sure, wonder what others at spark think?

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7/29/13 7:26 A

did you have to input your stats into the elliptical? because if you didn't then it's likely using someone larger than you so that you see bigger numbers when you work out. also try inputting your exercise on spark and see what numbers you get from the same workout and compare.
how much you perspire during 20 minutes of exercise is going to depend on many factors, one of which is how much you are exerting yourself. your size and the temperature of the room are also going to be factors.

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7/28/13 11:50 P

Hi everyone, does it matter if you spent 20-25 mins on an elliptical machine at speeds up to lvl 4 (there are 10 speeds) and it showed you 200 calories burnt Vs doing 20 mins something vigorous like running and having a sweat? when I exercise on the elliptical I do interval training ie, at higher speeds then lower speeds etc but don't have a lot of perspiration at the end just a little, but my machine says I burnt 200 calories and say 50 fat calories the machine right? Or should I be having a lot of perspiration to have an effective work-out, am asking because my hubby says that I probably need to do a more intense work out for it to bring results. Is he right?

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