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ANARIE Posts: 12,978
1/19/14 10:58 P

If you don't know exactly what you're craving, wait it out. Write down ideas of what you think it might be, and promise yourself that you'll have one serving of whatever it is once you figure it out, but don't eat anything until you're sure it's really what you're craving.Chances are that the craving will go away. If it doesn't, at some point it will occur to you: "Oh! Cherry cupcake from Sunshine Bakery, with pink sprinkles!" If that happens, then go to that place and buy yourself one serving of that exact item. Accept no substitutes; if they don't have one with pink sprinkles, wait a few days and go back rather than settling for red sprinkles. Cravings are like toddler tantrums, so be that toddler-- know what you want and insist on having exactly that. Every two-year-old knows that if you want a flower-shaped cookie, an egg-shaped cookie is NOT the same thing!

GETSHORTY Posts: 1,370
1/19/14 10:48 P

Been there and totally hear you!! My almost-always go-to strategy when the cake craving hits me is to stop into a Dunkin Donuts and get 1, at most 2, cakey munchkins (usually powdered, cinnamon, or choc. glazed). Most of my local DD shops allow you to buy them per piece--and the ones that don't just give me one free of charge!

Then, I make sure to eat the munchkin very mindfully--sitting down, biting into, chewing and swallowing very slowly, so that I truly enjoy the indulgence. Then I usually follow with a bit of bold coffee, which helps take the sweet edge off and round out the whole cake-and-coffee treat experience. I find that this satisfies my craving, conveniently, quickly and inexpensively!

LSIG14 Posts: 3,033
1/19/14 7:57 P

Spark Recipes also have some great "healthier" cake-like desserts to help with the cravings. Just be sure to be careful of portions - it's easy to get caried away when in the midst of a crave cycle.

SIMPLYME80 Posts: 406
1/19/14 6:20 P has a lot of fun cake in a mug and other fun low cal recipes. I find this site helpful.

WEWRTFO Posts: 147
1/19/14 6:07 P

This may sound extreme but try taking out all artificial sweeteners, fruit juices and sugars out of your diet for a few days. Most likely your sugar craving for cake will subside and find yourself making healthy choices naturally.

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1/19/14 5:34 P

So for about three days now I have been craving something cakey. I just have no clue what. I kept trying to put it off by eating fresh fruit, but it has not subsided. Does anyone have a recipe for a low cal/low fat cakey type recipe?

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