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RONIH2O Posts: 3,546
5/12/11 8:47 A

I finally found the perfect size bags in the hobby section of Walmart and have made my own. Great minds think alike! Thanks for responding.

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5/10/11 8:51 A

I don't think they have single servings but why not just baggie it up yourself. If it did come in individual packets believe me it would cost a lot more. Why not save money, you don't even have to purchase baggies if you don't want to, just buy little containers.

CHOOWY Posts: 4,240
5/10/11 3:51 A

Kroger has it. I use it in cookie recipes.

5/10/11 1:56 A

Two thoughts:

If they did make it in individual packets, it would cost more.

Buy the large box, experiment with tablespoons of the dry milk to your liking, and then measure and bag up your own packets. There are zip-lock bags that are 1/2 the size of sandwich zip-lock bags. They are called snack bags. You could portion out your own packets. Place the portioned bags in a large gallon freezer zip-lock bag and store them in the freezer. This way, they will last longer, and you can take them out on a individual basis as you please. Price-wise, I think you would be better off doing this. I use this method with other foods like nuts, cereal, etc.

My best!

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5/10/11 1:03 A

I may be late to this but has individual non fat powdered milk. Not sure how it taste. Makes 8 oz.

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6/16/10 10:24 A

our store carries it with the canned milk - great to have on hand in case you run of regular milk

6/16/10 10:03 A

I would look in an isle near the cocoa..

RONIH2O Posts: 3,546
6/15/10 10:59 P

My Wal mart doesn't carry it and I can find it but only in packets that you have to make a quart at a time. I want something that is a single serving packet. I may have to make my own. They have sugar, tea, coffee and other products in single serve--that's what I want.

CHICAGOWINDY SparkPoints: (18,876)
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6/15/10 10:58 P

LOL...I haven't tasted powdered milk since I was a kid and we were on food stamps. Hated the stuff! Though I marvel at it's convienence. They sell boxes of it at the supermarket, but I don't know if I've ever seen individual packets.

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6/15/10 10:52 P

I know that Carnation makes instant milk. Not sure where you shop, but Kroger carries it, but Wal-Mart for sure should carry it also.

RONIH2O Posts: 3,546
6/15/10 10:50 P

I would love to find instant dry milk in individual size packets. Have you ever heard of this product? Do you know where I could buy something like this? Thanks

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