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NEW-N-FIT-ME Posts: 152
2/3/13 11:29 A

Thank you BILL60

BILL60 Posts: 738,006
2/3/13 8:11 A

Welcome to SP. Hang tough and stay healthy.

NEW-N-FIT-ME Posts: 152
2/2/13 11:48 P

EDWARDS1411, Thank you for your message, it's very encouraging.

Thanks for the goodie too.

NEW-N-FIT-ME Posts: 152
2/2/13 11:46 P

JMORRIS85 Thank you for your message and also for liking my name.. It's like the Spanish version of Vivian... I like it too.

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EDWARDS1411 SparkPoints: (525,759)
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2/2/13 11:42 P

emoticon & emoticon to Sparking, Viviana!! A healthy lifestyle is a process - more of a journey than a destination. SP with all its features and tools can help you along the way and with the support of its members, well, it's a recipe for success!! You CAN and WILL do this!!!


JMORRIS85 SparkPoints: (65,728)
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2/2/13 11:42 P

Hi Viviana and welcome to Spark. You have such a beautiful name. I have never heard it before. Everyone on this site definitely understands the need to lose weight and how difficult it is. After all, people can give up cigarettes and alcohol and live, but you can't give up food. So, we just have to learn to eat healthier and practice portion control. emoticon

NEW-N-FIT-ME Posts: 152
2/2/13 9:14 P

Hi, my name is Viviana. I'm in a journey to loose weight and I think that having the support of other people who can understand what I'm going through will help me achieve my goals.

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