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9/23/12 11:00 A

Just my unsolicited two cents...

1. Your family sounds toxic, is there any way you can move out?

2. BF is not "addicted" to his game. An addict would play way more than what you describe, often to the point of losing their job/dropping out of school. Also, have you tried talking to him about it? Or shown any interest in it other than "well, you're doing that instead of paying attention to me!"? If you're one of those girls that doesn't like games/gamers, please, don't date a gamer! (Sorry, this is a peeve of mine)

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9/23/12 6:47 A

I don't remember getting a whole lot of sleep when I was in college. As a generality, how many of hours of sleep do you get per night ? Do you have problems sleeping every night or just once in a while ? If you've had long term problems getting a decent night's rest, you should talk to your doctor. Being in college as well as all the added issues with family, friends, school, work, etc... it's a lot of stress.

Stress and anxiety can reek havoc with a person's sleep. That's no good. Getting a good night's sleep is important to your health. Lack of sleep can cause a lot of medical problems. That's why you should consider talking to your doctor. You're still in college. that means you should have medical coverage through the university. take advantage of that service. you paid for it with your tuition.

If at all possible, you do need to try to reduce your stress. Learn to relax. What do you do for fun ? If you can relax a bit, that will help reduce your stress which in turn will help you to get some sleep.

Stress, anxiety, worry can all ruin a person's body. Thus the reason we need to try to reduce the stress in our life. Have you ever considered taking yoga ? There are breathing exercises as well as meditation exercises which can also help reduce your stress. You may find yoga helpful.

Also, do you drink a lot of those energy drinks or coffee ? If so, ditch them. I know they help give a person an energy boost, but they can also keep a person awake. So, if you are drinking things like Red Bull, you're going to have to cut back significantly.

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9/23/12 5:34 A

Oh yeah, for you insomniacs out there, how do you deal with it? I haven't had this in over a year, back when I worked midnights.

It's also hard because I'm trying to juggle work, school, homework, friends, boyfriend, and family all in the same week, along with exercising. I'm only 21, I feel like I went from a child to a grown up in one fell swoop. Back when I was 17 because of personal things.

This is more of a female question, for those that take the birth control pill, do you notice any changes with your mood or behavior? I noticed it last time I was on it, switched to the ring but have been having a bad time with my TOM since then but i loved the ring otherwise, switched back to the pill, and I have not been my same old me.

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Wow, haven't had this in a while. Hasn't been a good day, a lot on my mind. I fell asleep for like three hours and then my boyfriend wakes me up to get me to bed at 230 am. Needless to say I've been up since. One of the things on my mind is my boyfriend. I love him, I do. I have no reason to complain about him, he's always there for me and he's always doing nice things for me. But for quite a while he's been addicted to a game on his phone. Like a couple months. I am all for doing things on our own and spending time together that way. But we don't live together. We see each other outside of work once a week due to our hectic schedules. So today I get here at 630 pm, he's cleaning or whatever, ask if he needs any help, says no, so I sit down and watch tv and wait for him. We go up, throw potatoes on the grill to go with our main course, he goes and cuts his hair and takes a shower. We eat dinner, him in his chair and me on the couch, and then he gets on his game. I'm sitting there watching tv. After a couple hours, I turn around and go to sleep because all I can think about is I can be at home right now doing the same thing all by myself like I feel like I'm doing with him. Does anyone else have a significant other who is addicted to gaming? How do you cope with it? I feel like I have no reason to complain because he is an awesome boyfriend, and I want him to know he can play his games around me whenever, but the game has been getting in the way a lot lately.

I also live at home. Trying to do this lifestyle change at home is difficult because of my moms attitude. Everything I do at home is scrutinized to the fullest extent, whereas my sister is not. We are both in college, the difference being I am a fourth year college student and she is a freshman. I took my own path for what was right for me and my sister took what my mom wanted for us. I work full time, my sister works 20 hours a week. I get yelled at because things are not clean, when I do a lot of cleaning whereas my sister does not because she works and goes to school. This excuse does not fly for me, but it flys for my sister. Tell my mom I'm doing this, I get an attitude because of it and her saying, "well I've lost ten pounds doing whatever I've done, so it must be working." I get yelled at because of stuff that is not even mine in the pantry, like instant oatmeal that has been there for quite a while that I have not liked or eaten in at least two years. Tell my mom I'm going to the library, "why?" With a snotty attitude. I just wanted to say "because I'm trying to do homework and you and my sister are being inconsiderate blaring music." It is fully known that we all get along better when I am not living there because then my sister can run my moms world and treat her like crap and I don't have to see it. I do feel bad for my mom. She is a single parent and gave up her life to raise us. Besides family, she has only a couple friends. It has to be hard seeing her daughters growing up, and I feel guilty every time I leave the house to do something I want to do knowing she is there by herself. but I can never live up to her expectations.

I just needed to vent, it's been a long day, and I'm not even tired and I have to be up at 9...3 and a half hours from now.

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