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12/28/12 11:33 P

i know exactly how you feel. good ideas would be jump rope, run around in your backyard and i know it sounds boring because no one likes gym class but running laps really does help, so since i have a squareish backyard because of our fence, its good to use the inside of the square for laps. im 187 lbs and it really helps to run.

MISSABABE93 Posts: 300
12/28/12 8:51 A

Be proud that you are exercising... I don't think that anyone can judge you for taking the right steps to becoming healthy!

12/15/12 4:56 P

I understand what you are talking about. I had the same problem, I hated wearing shorts to gym class. So now I wear yoga pants. Now that I am covered I feel more confident.

COACH_DENISE Posts: 8,427
12/8/12 10:03 A

Most people have stretch marks, so don't let those embarrass you.

As for exercising, you do not need to have equipment to get a good workout. First, I would recommend reviewing the Teen's Guide to Fitness & Exercise to get a better understanding of how long and how often you should do both cardio and strength training:

In regards to exercising outside, don't let your embarrassment keep you from that either. The thing is, you are deciding to change your habits and become healthy - so there shouldn't be any embarrassment there. Walking is a great form of exercise if you are willing to go outside and give that a try (make sure you get and keep your heart rate up). For inside workouts, you might want to try some of the suggestions from this article:
. Also, the workout generator is a fun thing to use (select the no equipment option):
. You can also do some of the workout videos that we have listed in the Fitness section of the Healthy Lifestyle tab at the top of the page.

Coach Denise

AMIGAL Posts: 2
12/7/12 7:56 P

So I'm about 200 pounds. I have stretch marks on my legs and arms that I'm super embarrassed of. I also, well, jiggle. I'm fat, of course I'm humiliated. I know that I need around 60 minutes of exercise a day to start getting fit but I'm to embarrassed of myself to exercise outside, join a fun sports tea, or go to a gym. I don't have any indoor exercise equipment and I can't afford any either. What do I do?

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