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How is your dietary fiber intake and are you opting for complex carbs over simple carbs?

If I don't get enough dietary fiber or eat too many simple carbs I *am* starving. I just feel hungry 20 mins after I eat. If you can up your intake of these two things, you may even be able to descrease your calorie intake and lose some lbs. Even if I eat 1600 cals on a day where my dietary fiber and complex carbs are low, I am absolutely famished. But if they're high for the day, I can eat 1250-1350 and feel satisfied all day.

Edit: and if you open up your Nutrition/Fitness tracker to shared, you'll be able to get more specific advise on what teaks may be needed to make to you diet.

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10/12/12 7:52 P

I think it is important to listen to your body. emoticon

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I am generally a very active person. Over the past couple of months I have been very involved in advancing at my job so hiking, biking, and rock climbing have taken a back seat. Needless to say, my weight went up a few pounds and I'm trying to get a handle on it now before I have to invest in a new wardrobe. I'm making an effort to get back to my regular regimine of climbing a few times a week as well as hiring a personal trainer who I see twice a week. I'm also taking my dog on long walks every day (which I regretfully have not been doing regularly over the past few months).

I am eating at the high range of my calories, usually 1400 to 1500 a day. I make sure to space out my calories as much as possible with small snacks. I've done this before so I'm pretty in tune to my body's needs. Problem is, I've been at this for almost a month now and I have stayed at 140lbs. No change in weight, but my muslces are starting to pop and my pants are fitting better. I rather that than the number change, anyway. But then yesterday happened.

I was ravenous from the moment I woke up until the last bite of food I took in the evening. I was so tired of fighting it that I decided to let my body do the talking and just went with it. I tracked most of it, and I think I ended the day with almost 3,000 calories consumed. When I went to bed, I felt satisfied. In fact, I have felt completely satisfied all day today. I am within the low end of my calorie range and I feel great.

I think my body was begging me to just let it do what it had to do. Is this normal? Am I doing something wrong?

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