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12/21/12 1:14 P

ASYLUM Day 30: Fit Test

I completed the program officially!! I completed Days 24-29 these past two weeks, have been sticking to the calendar faithfully, even though I haven't been on SP. I hardly get on SP nowadays. Anyhoo, here are my Fit Test results! Just completed the program so am having a hard time concentrating on what to type. Need to breathe and hydrate...

Agility Heisman: 8/15/16
In & Out Ab Progression: 37/45/50
Lateral Push-Ups: 23/29/30
Mountain Climber Switch Kicks: 66/88/90
Agility Shoulder Taps: 4.5/5.5/7
X Jumps: 34/42/44
Moving Push-Ups: 3/4.5/5
Agility Lateral Shuffle: 16/15/16
Agility Bear Crawl: 7/12/13

I have to give credit to the person who has been giving me competition since starting the program over: Carey Martin. She is my motivation. Every time I want to relax, eat in front of the TV, skip a good workout, I watch one of her YouTube videos for that much-needed boost. She is awesome! Rather than competing against my Day 1 Asylum results, I competed against her. She makes me want to be a better athlete. Competition is fun. AROO!!!

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12/14/12 6:38 P

ASYLUM DAY 19: Game Day and Overtime

I really didn't want to do Game Day today. I woke up with sore quads and shoulders and the last thing I wanted to do was Day 19. Anyhoo, completed it. I also tortured myself with Overtime. (It's Insanity Asylum; yes, I am insane.) Feel relieved now that Day 19 is over. I will continue with Day 24 tomorrow.

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12/13/12 10:03 P

Hope you also enjoy your holidays Jibbie. Thanks.

Days 21 and 23: Back to Core and Speed & Agility

Note to Self: Do not do Asylum after dinner, even if after 2 hrs.

Best to complete Asylum in the mornings before work. I did Day 21 this morning and did great. I just completed Day 23 and did horribly. My dinner wanted to come back out, so I took it slow. Tomorrow is Day 19.

Edit: I completed Day 20 yesterday.

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JIBBIE49 Posts: 71,560
12/6/12 12:13 A

emoticon Happy Holidays.

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11/28/12 10:08 A

ASYLUM DAY 17 & 18: Strength and Relief

Mental note: lucky number 8

Back to SP: Wow, I feel the tummy fat jiggle whenever I jump from squats to planks for pushups. I also feel the extra tummy cushion when doing chest presses with feet off the floor. I know it's cold outside, but body, please remove that extra cushion. Tomorrow is Game Day and Overtime. Now that all my races of 2012 are done, now I get to focus on Asylum for now. That's until the next year starts, where I plan on implementing Asylum 2 (which I already have) to my sports training regimen. I'm picking up a new sport and plan on being competitive enough to beat someone I love. (He's a master at the sport, BTW.)

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10/19/12 4:20 P

ASYLUM DAY 16: Vertical Plyo

I did much better than I did two days ago. I hate the jump rope. I'm also not able to do as many pushups as back in March. However, I improved since two days ago. It's about improvement. I'm not going to be able to do Day 17 until maybe Monday or Tuesday. My 6th HM race is in two days so I'll once again be traveling to a new state for another adventure. Here I come, St. Louis.

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10/17/12 7:01 P

ASYLUM DAY 26: Vertical Plyo

I have been on Insanity hiatus since March??? I started Asylum last month and caught up with Day 26. (I took days off for races.) However, I am very out of shape! I am already gasping for breath within the first five minutes. I completed Day 26 but because I already ordered Asylum 2 and plan to start that in the near future, I can't continue until Day 30 feeling whack. Thus, I've decided to go back and start journaling since Day 16. It buys me more time with Asylum and prepares me for the intimidating Asylum 2.

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3/23/12 6:15 A

ASYLUM DAY 25: Game Day & Overtime

Easiest Exercise: Mountain climber clap switch
Hardest Exercise: the hovering and rotating part of tricep pushups/hover
Favorite Exercise: Floor-up power jumps
Least Favorite Exercise: Single leg pushups/jump

Equipment I used: ladder, jump rope, chin-up bar

I did Days 16-22 while on vacation in Puerto Rico, but had no computer to journal my entries. Days 23 and 24 were completed these past two days, but I am so busy with work and my other (non-fitness related) goals that I don't have time to come to SP. I wake up two hours earlier to do Asylum and shower, quick breakfast, leave by 7AM, get home at 7PM, cook, and am in bed by 10PM. I log in to spin the wheel and change my update but that's about it. (I'm not the type of person that's fitness-obsessed.) On to Asylum... I decided to write a journal entry for today because I haven't written my comments on Overtime.

"BOOM! Ha!" Overtime was awesome! I loved it because it was brutal and I am a masochist. lol. I did Overtime immediately after Game Day so I was already beyond warmed up and just a teeny tiny tired. ONLY do Overtime as a supplement, I can't do this part alone. I will only be cheating myself if I did. It's only 13 minutes. Even after Game Day I can still go much faster on double jump rope than the guys. For floor-up decoy jumps, I do much better when my left knee is the leading knee. Didn't know. Five more days and then off to the Insanity/Asylum hybrid!! I use the chair to help me with chin ups, I will one day get to the point where I will be doing them on my own.

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3/9/12 11:50 A

DAY 15: Speed & Agility

Oooh... I am faster than Rachel!! I am on fire! This workout is tough... the warm up is the most exhausting of the rest I believe. Next time, Vertical Plyo...

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3/7/12 4:41 P

ASYLUM DAY 14: Relief

I will do Relief over any yoga or Pilates video any day. It's short and I feel so much better afterwards. It also doesn't involve meditation and holding a pose for a minute. It's simple and you feel the stretch. What a nice way to start the day.
Completed entire workout. HOORAH! emoticon

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3/7/12 4:39 P

ASYLUM DAY 13: Strength with Resistance Bands

"One minute... until you die!" LOL @ Shaun T. emoticon

When cleaning my L.A. room, I came across ol' workout equipment which came in handy for Asylum: a medicine ball and a longer resistance band. The medicine ball was so much better than using vegetable cans, and I am happy with my longer resistance band. Day 13 was completed yesterday.

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3/2/12 8:36 A

ASYLUM DAY 12: Back to Core

I did much better today than how I performed on last time's Back to Core. I am feeling it on my back and arms. I might do Day 13 today because I work all day tomorrow followed by going to Philly to a friend's baby shower...
Completed entire workout. HOORAH! emoticon

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3/1/12 11:04 A

ASYLUM DAY 11: Game Day

Easiest Exercise: Baseball portion
Hardest Exercise: Rock climbing portion
Favorite Exercise: Basketball portion
Least Favorite Exercise: Speed skating portion or swimming, can't decide

Equipment I used: Yoga mat, ladder

This DVD felt looooong. Of course, it's the longest of all, but there were some workouts that I felt shouldn't have made the cut. (Or maybe the Beachbody team felt to keep them as a means for us to catch our breath.) The speed skating portion made me feel it on my butt, which is awesome. I was naturally good at basketball after all those years in junior high playing the sport and being great at it. My boyfriend, a former tennis coach, laughed at the tennis portion. For baseball, I was able to hit the ball 50x as Shaun set as a goal. All in all, an overall great workout!

Completed entire workout. HOORAH! emoticon

Preview to Game

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3/1/12 10:52 A

ASYLUM DAY 10: Relief

Easiest Exercise: Pendulum Swings
Hardest Exercise: Runners Hip Flexor Stretch w/ Ankle Grab (not hard, just had to do on something soft)
Favorite Exercise: Downward Dog
Least Favorite Exercise: Standing Elbow Splits

Equipment I used: Yoga mat

I did Day 10 and Day 11 last week but because I was back home in L.A. and was busy taking care of my grandmother, the journal was the last thing on my mind. I am glad all went well with her surgery and she is back to walking. How we take the smallest things for granted until we are reminded how important things are. I am back and completed Day 12 (Back to Core). However, I am trying to catch up with this review. I love relief! It's so much better than Insanity's relief DVD. I know that I will be doing Relief after my marathon runs. Nothing was hard because today was about stretching. I felt relaxed afterwards.
Completed entire workout. HOORAH! emoticon
Preview to Relief:

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2/9/12 4:42 P

ASYLUM DAY 9: Vertical Plyo

"This isn't Insanity, you already graduated. Let's go!!" This time I did Vertical Plyo by myself. I did much better and though I can't do the double jump rope like Shaun, I do single jump rope at that speed. (Like jump rope on steroids.) A goal is to jump high enough to be able to do it like the guys. No girlie jump rope for me. I also can't jump the ladder fully across for lateral jump; I am half a box away from jumping the entire thing. It is so frustrating!! What is also frustrating is when attempting the one-legged power jumps. I still lose my balance. And how can I leave out the resistance plyo push ups? Sounds like I'm complaining, but I really ain't. I love feeling the good kind of pain that I know will do my body good. I also can't complain when seeing Shaun sweat. That is always a bonus. I love sweat. Game Day is coming up soon. Can't wait... I have no idea what to expect. I expect torture and insane madness.
Completed entire workout. HOORAH! emoticon

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2/7/12 7:54 P

ASYLUM DAY 8: Back to Core

Today wasn't that bad. I did today's workout with the DB and it's so funny how he found my hard exercises easy and vice versa. However, we did very well overall and did everything until the end. Of all the days I've done so far, I would say Back to Core is the easiest of all. He borrowed the easy O-shaped resistance band while I stuck to the hard-level resistance band.
Completed entire workout. HOORAH! emoticon

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2/6/12 4:24 P

ASYLUM DAY 7: Strength with Resistance Bands

Instead of using cans of vegetables, this time I used a heavier set of cans of dried pinto beans. It was like using a small set of free weights. This time the skull crusher press and dumbbell rotational jumps weren't as hard. They're much harder when done with the heavy-level resistance band. I performed so much better today than the first time I did Strength; however, I wasn't in any mood to work out today. I haven't worked out this weekend and I was so lethargic that I didn't want to do Day 7. But I pushed through because I knew that I wanted to start Day 8 tomorrow. I followed today's workout with some Pilates. I was too tired and had to stop after a few minutes. I can tolerate any high intensity workout but anything that deals with stretching and holding a pose drives me insane! This is why I can't do yoga... too boring for my taste. I'd much rather do boot camp any day.
Completed entire workout. HOORAH! emoticon

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2/6/12 10:28 A

ASYLUM DAY 6: Speed & Agility

Asylum Day 5 was a rest day. Had many of those. I completed Day 6 last week on Thursday. However, my boyfriend had an important project to work on between then and today, so I wasn't able to use the computer to write about Day 5. I also wasn't able to do Day 7 because I had to work on the weekend and had so much to do. Today isn't an Asylum day but because I'm behind, I will catch up with Day 7 later tonight.
Day 6... my boyfriend walked in when I was starting Speed & Agility and I convinced him to join. We shared the ladder and were fortunate to have two jump ropes. Not bad. However, I slacked off because whenever he took a break, I wanted to take the break. So I didn't apply myself as much if I were to have done this by myself. I prefer working out by myself anyway. So next time, work out alone. Will do Day 7 (Strength) later...

Link to preview of this

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2/1/12 12:04 P

ASYLUM DAY 4: Vertical Plyo

Easiest Exercise: Resistance X Jumps
Hardest Exercise: Resistance Plyo Push-Ups
Favorite Exercise: Lateral Jumps (goal is to jump the ENTIRE ladder)
Least Favorite Exercise: Single Leg Power Jumps

Equipment I used: Jump Rope, 8-Shaped Resistance Band, Ladder

I was getting on my boyfriend's case that he should try Asylum if I've motivated some of his friends to do Insanity. I'd imagine him enjoying Asylum more because he used to teach tennis classes and was in really good shape. Thus, because Asylum is geared more towards sports performance, he would enjoy this more than Insanity. So we did this DVD together last night which meant sharing the ladder. It benefited both of us because we had to push each other to jump across (i.e., Standing Long Jump). He used the O-shaped resistance band so that left me with the 8-shaped resistance band. Today was just as hard as Day 1, and look forward to improving my balance.

Completed entire workout. HOORAH! emoticon
emoticon Next Scheduled Asylum Appt: Thu, Feb 2nd

Link to preview of last night's

EDIT: Oh yeah, forgot to mention the Double Jumps Jump Rope... these killed me at the end of the video! Would like to jump rope like Rocky when hitting this part... next time.

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1/27/12 5:07 P

ASYLUM DAY 3: Back to Core

Easiest Exercise: Hip-Up Pulse
Hardest Exercise: Single Leg Reverse Plank
Favorite Exercise: Swimmer Band Exchange
Least Favorite Exercise: Lower Back Strengthener

Equipment I used: O-Shaped Resistance Band, Yoga Mat, Sock

"MY BOOTY! MY BOOTY!" My booty got it's workout today!! The warm up consisted of jumping jacks and not the standard ones you're forced to do in your P.E. class. There were a few versions so you are definitely warmed up by the time you're done with the stretch. Today's workout isn't like the other Insanity workouts -- today is about muscular endurance. I remember thinking at one point that I was burning in four separate body areas at one time. The swimmer back exchange was done with a sock which was randomly by the bookshelf near the mat. (Yes, it was clean. No smelly foot odor. Eww.) Am proud of my performance overall. I felt the burn and didn't quit in any of the workouts like Alicia. She is one trooper. I will have a better booty and stronger back. My legs felt it too. Tomorrow is my scheduled long run so Day 4 will be next week. My knee feels much better.
Completed entire workout. HOORAH! emoticon
emoticon Next Scheduled Asylum Appt: Tue, Jan 31st

Link to preview of today's workout:

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1/26/12 4:35 P

ASYLUM DAY 2: Strength with Resistance Bands

Easiest Exercise: Back Fly Lunge
Hardest Exercise: Skull Crusher Press
Favorite Exercise: Chest Press w/ Stationary Leg Ext.
Least Favorite Exercise: Dumbbell Rotational Jumps

Equipment I used: Resistance Band (Hard Level), 2 Vegetable Cans, Yoga Mat

It was unnecessary to use the knee brace but I put in on to prevent further injury of my healing right knee. I also used a yoga mat instead of a towel because it was easier on my back and I already had it prior to today. I used two cans of vegetables as small weights because I didn't have any dumbbells and there were some workouts that I couldn't complete with the hard-set resistance band. I already owned three resistance bands: the easy level comes in a circle, the medium level as a number 8 and the hard level is like the band everyone else used today. I had no choice but to stick to hard level. I need another resistance band that's longer. I used gloves for comfort.

I imagined to wake up sore from yesterday's workout, but my legs are still sore from this weekend's run. So I was able to do today's workout without gasping for breath or cursing on Shaun. I actually enjoyed today's workout because it involved strength training and focusing on push ups. I would like to do better on pushups and to have a stronger core, so this is my favorite DVD so far. Then again, I've only done two so can't choose a favorite yet. Dumbbell rotational jumps are my least favorite because even though it's one of the easier of today's workouts, it's hard to rotate 180 degrees while stepping on a hard level resistance band. The most I was able to rotate was 145 degrees. I'll improve on rotation as I progress. My favorite exercise is the level three chest press with extensions because it's the one where I felt the most resistance on my abs. I knew that this exercise will deliver results, which is why I love it. I must be good because I didn't drop my legs at all! This goes for any of the three ext. workouts. Yay! Skull crusher press was my most difficult because I wasn't able to stretch the band overhead for an overhead press due to having a hard level band. I need a longer band.
Completed entire workout. HOORAH! emoticon
emoticon Next Scheduled Asylum Appt: Fri, Jan 27th

EDIT: Link to preview of today's workout:

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1/25/12 2:51 P

ASYLUM DAY 1 : Speed & Agility

Easiest Exercise: Agility Touch Squats
Hardest Exercise: Moving Push Up Progression
Favorite Exercise: Agility Heisman (call me crazy but I also loved the Power Round)
Least Favorite Exercise: The ones that dealt with hopping on one knee (I have a recovering Runner's Knee after having completed 18 miles on snow this weekend)

If you think the second month of Insanity is bananas, wait until you jump into Asylum. This is, by far, the most challenging DVD I have done so far! (And I love it!) I started off by using the jump rope (speed rope) for a quick warm up and I had to take it easy even here. Then again, I had to cancel my date with Mr. Thompson and minions yesterday because of my injured right knee, so a jump rope warmup wasn't the ideal warmup for someone in my situation. For anything ladder-related, I kept touching the ladder most of the time and was begging for a break. I had mini breaks at the start of each exercise because I didn't know any of the workouts. The workouts are similar to many we've done in Insanity, but it's doing them on another level and using that ladder. I stuck to everything like a champion and need to get a HRM badly. I've been feeling my heart wanting to pound off my chest which made me do slower reps but maintain a high intensity. Whenever we were able to choose which box to jump into for the In & Out/Mountain Climber Progressions, I stuck to the second box (Level 2). I was able to do Level 3 but I always ended up kicking the ladder after a few times of successful reps. The cool down at the end of the video felt like heaven! My goal is to give my right knee it's proper recovery and to pick up speed. The moves were new today so speed will come next time.
Completed entire workout. HOORAH! emoticon

emoticon Next Scheduled Asylum Appt: Thur, Jan 26th

SHIROIHANA Posts: 2,036
1/20/12 2:52 P


Agility Heisman: 8
In & Out Ab Progression: 37
Lateral Push-Ups: 23
Mountain Climber Switch Kicks: 66
Agility Shoulder Taps: 4.5
X Jumps: 34
Moving Push-Ups: 3
Agility Lateral Shuffle: 16
Agility Bear Crawl: 7

It has been a month since I last did Insanity, and did Shaun punish me with today's results of the fit test! I haven't done any form of weight training since the Insanity final fit test (Dec 2011) so I am not satisfied with my numbers. I HATE push ups and my goal is to go lower on my stance. No butt out. What I also want to get from Asylum is to enhance my performance. I actually loved the X Jumps, I found them to be easier than the rest of the exercises. The hardest exercise for me was the Moving Push-Ups. My technique was correct in all exercises so I am glad that I don't have to worry about that in future fit tests. However, I doubt that my numbers will go up. I touched the ladder for Agility Heisman and Agility Shoulder Taps. I have the pull up bar but prefer to stick to push ups for the upcoming fit tests. It looks like there will only be three fit tests for Asylum instead of the 5 from Insanity. I will also be doing Asylum three times a week as compared to the 6 days a week. I hope I can improve. I didn't pause the DVD so was dead tired after the fit test. I did the exercises the same time as the three other minions... same break time. What I enjoy so far, from the fit test, is it seems that Asylum is more sports-oriented, which I LOVE. It reminded me of basketball drills and my boot camp training with a Marine drill instructor. Shaun also seems more tough on you, and I prefer that too. Tough love. Completed entire workout, HOORAH!
EDIT: I am NERVOUS about next week's Day 1!! Just wanted to add this. Bring it!
emoticon Next Scheduled Asylum Appt: Tues, Jan 24th

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