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2/2/13 1:57 P

I lové this workout start january 31 and I track it here on SP

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2/2/13 7:57 A

I love my Insanity class! I am participating in a 6 week class at my gym and we're halfway through. You can definitely track here on SP. It's a great, high intensity work out.

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2/1/13 12:49 P

Its such a great workout i wish i didn't quit. Just be careful i messed up my ankle doing it and could'nt walk for two weeks :/
But as long as you use good form its a great thing to do everyday.

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2/1/13 12:45 P

I highly suggest a heart rate monitor for Insanity. It's two fold. Number one, it will give you a very accurate calorie burn. Two, you need to be able to monitor your heart rate during the workouts. They are very intense and there are times when Shaun T tells you to check your heart rate. You want to know you are in the right zone and not dangerously high. Also, from my experience with Insanity, the tracker underestimates the calories burned.


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2/1/13 9:49 A

Heart Rate Monitors are usually the best option because they give a more accurate estimate to how many calories you've burned, but if you don't have one you can still track Insanity in My Fitness. If you type in "Insanity" an option for High Impact Aerobics will show up and you can use that. I hope I answered your question.

- Kristen
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2/1/13 9:49 A

You can track them on your fitness tracker for calorie burn and such. I suppose you could track them here, but you wouldn't be getting an accurate picture of your intake versus burn.

Instructions for how to do that can be found here:

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2/1/13 9:21 A

I'm starting Insanity and want to track my workouts. Is there another place to track them on SP or is it okay to track them here?

Thanks- emoticon

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