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3/3/13 11:58 P

I would recommend trying to wean off the pills and allowing your body to have an appetite so you can take in healthy whole foods in moderation to provide you with nutrients and fuel your life.

-POOKIE- Posts: 15,029
3/3/13 4:41 P

I agree, track the food and actually see whats going on.

Stop the exercise for now, or do something lower impact, even walking is good exercise.

Consult your Dr if you are struggling on this prescribed medicine.

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3/3/13 3:40 P


My advice would be to stop doing Insanity.
Track what you eat. Don't worry about making it healthy at this point. The goal should be to get a starting point to work with. Track accurately for two weeks, just to see how many calories you're actually consuming.

There's no reason to beat yourself up with an intense program like Insanity if it wipes you out.
You might be able to incorporate it back in later, at a modified or scaled down level.
If you don't eat because you're not hungry then Insanity might be too much of a workout at this stage. If you want to workout or be more active do something a little less intense.

3/3/13 3:07 P

I'm doing the same as I've done before, I have did insanity before and didn't feel this way. I try to eat fruits and veggies as much as I can and cut a lot of the regular foods I eat (tortillas, white breads, rice, pretty much a lot of my Hispanic foods I love) I eat them once in awhile and I'm following almost the same diet as before but this time it's different

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3/3/13 3:02 P

Its still important to try and gauge whats going wrong with your diet.

You may also be not reaching a lot of other goals, that would be helped better by changing your diet in a different way.

You health is important enough to take time over emoticon

3/3/13 2:58 P

Yes I do go to the dr routinely and I don't eat so well because I am not hungry most of the time partly because of the phentermines. That I know! I was asking about the shakes as part as meal replacement since I don't eat like I should. If I'm not hungry I won't force myself to eat. But thanks for the input

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3/3/13 1:26 P

Then you should be at least attempting to track it.

It wouldn't be good to start adding random things like protein shakes without bothering to actually CHECK where your diet is going wrong to begin with.

Thats like thinking hmmmm I have this disease, I'll take these medications... without ever seeing a Doctor!

If you have no idea whats wrong with your diet, you cannot begin to fix it, and protein shakes are not an answer.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,128
3/3/13 12:07 P

If I'm not mistaken, phentermine is not only prescribed, but your doctor should be closely monitoring you as well while you're on it. Personally, I'd ask for a referral to a registered dietician, who could guide you toward meeting your nutritional needs while on this drug.

Since you don't track, it's hard to say really what is wearing you out. Not enough calories? Not enough protein? It sounds from what you said that you're not getting very much protein. But without more information, it's really impossible to just guess.

I routinely plan a month's meals at a time-- so even though the closest good grocery store is an hour away, could you plan things out a bit better and make a trip there every couple weeks or something, instead of relying on the closer store that doesn't have what you need?

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3/3/13 10:59 A

No I don't track my food, and yes they do. But sometimes they don't have much. I don't know what to make that would be healthy or how to make what I have healthy.

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3/3/13 10:53 A

Does your local store sell meat, vegetables, and fruits?

-POOKIE- Posts: 15,029
3/3/13 10:40 A

Do you track your food?

If you do, share you food tracker and people can help you better.

3/3/13 10:26 A

I try to get in whole wheats, bananas everyday, peanut butter which is the nutrition kind and some fruits and vegetables. I drink a green smoothie almost everyday. But like I said most of the time I run out and the local grocery sTore doesn't have the things I need and the closest with most of what I need is an hour away. This why I want to try protien powder to help. I'm not a big fish person but I try to eat that sometimes maybe once a week.

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3/3/13 10:06 A

What is an average menu for you? If you are getting less than the required protein, I think you are entirely correct in your decision to add more. I would start with animal protein such as a piece of fish, can of tuna, or a piece of turkey.
How is your sleep? Are you staying hydrated?

3/3/13 9:53 A

So I started insanity and 3 weeks in and I stopped because it was wearing me out! My day starts around 530 am and ends around 10pm. I was trying green smoothies and trying my best at eating healthier (very hard when grocery store is very limited). I also have been taking phentermine prescribed by my dr, but despite all that, I am drained. I have no energy. So I want to start taking protein since I know I'm not getting much with my eating. Is that a good idea? And if so, I have no idea what to take, I don't want to end up gaining weight, muscle yes, but I do need to lose weight also. Pre workout or after workout? Help please!

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