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1/16/13 10:07 P

I love INSANITY for dropping pounds and inches. It's so hilarious and validating that the demonstrators in the videos can't always get through the workouts. Very tough.

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1/16/13 10:03 P


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1/16/13 8:48 P

I agree it's INSANE! I liked the workouts but I couldn't commit to doing the "program." It was 6 days a week of intense workouts and that is killer on your body. I do the videos but mix it in with other cardio/strength workouts (kettlebells, circuit training, tabata). I did like that you could still modify the moves to fit your fitness level. I lost about 6 lbs within the first two weeks and then the weight loss leveled off from there. Will you see results if you stick with it, of course! Will you look like the people in the videos, not necessarily emoticon

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1/16/13 3:41 P

I did the first month of INSANITY in July. I had to stop because we took a family vacation and I didn't have any way to keep doing it (seriously... room restrictions, TV restrictions... not fun) and when I got back from that, I had to move into a new apartment where I'm going to school and allll of that fun stuff.

Anyway, I totally agree. INSANITY is meant to be just that- totally insane! I LOVED it. I would always want to shout expletives at the TV- and that one time he goes, "Now, if you want to take a break right now, that's OK"- I was like, "Hah, I've already taken 4..." But it is so much fun. You get what you give, right? One day, I decided I wanted to do even more of a workout after the video and swam a half mile and then did upper body free weight lifting... the day after that I felt DEAD.

In that month I saw amazing results. I lost like 6 lbs (a good place for me) and had to up my calories (which was surprisingly very hard). I lost like 2" off my waist, too. It was amazing. This summer, I think if I do not work in "on your feet" type job, I will do INSANITY- this time, fully, and actually start in middle May so I'm not interrupted again.

I know it sucks now. The only thing that kept me going the first week was doing it with a friend. But after that week, I began to really enjoy the awful feeling. Workouts now... they don't feel the same. I push myself so much harder. If I don't feel like I want to vomit during the exercise, I don't feel like I'm pushing myself hard enough!

1/16/13 2:33 P

I started back at the gym on Monday and low and behold they have started the Insanity workout on the big screen! I am a civilian located at a Army Base so, you would think the military people would have been good with this NOT! The next day being Tuesday we all came in (over 60 people) complaining about the pains, aches and delusion we suffered after the class. Are you doing INsanity? if so how is it for you? Have you seen results?

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