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10/21/13 12:42 P

I've done insanity and loved it so much that I started doing Asylum this past month!

It's kind of like Beachbody's sequel to Insanity. Shaun T is still the instructor which I'm really happy about...he motivates me better than anyone/anything! I have heard that T-25 is also a really great workout so I definitely want to try that after I bully through Asylum.

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10/17/13 11:13 A

I'm on the third month of Turbo Fire. I love it so much! It's very motivating and sometimes when I do not feel like working out I just pop the DVD in and let the music get me off the couch. I purchased the T25 too and I'm going to start after I complete the 5 months of turbo Fire. I would love to do Insanity but so far i have been really scared. I saw some great success stories for Insanity.

8/16/13 2:33 P

Has anyone tried these programs before? I finished Insanity and Turbofire, currently doing T25, and I'd love to meet some people that have completed the same.

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