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11/28/13 1:25 A

I agree with the "diet is 80%" notion. And although that is true, the workouts can really excel your results and get you the look and health levels you want. Workouts definitely make me feel better and make me want to stay on track with food choices, too. When I'm putting all that time into workouts, it makes me choose healthier foods because I don't want to cancel out all that hard work. It mentally helps me!

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11/26/13 12:48 A

My adult children do Tony Horton's P90X and P90X2 and they have had great results. My 3rd son started it 3 yrs ago and he is now at 190# and 6'3". He was 240#. He did the P90X first and then he added in the INSANITY and then he kept doing the P90X and then when the new P90X 2 out, he did that. He now goes to the gym and works out there. There are several other workouts he has done some of as he likes to mix it up. (Asylum, Combat)
He says that DIET is 80% of the success and he is really strict about staying on it.

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11/25/13 2:18 P

So I started insanity on October 21st (of this year) so it's been 5 weeks (today is my first day of the 2nd month) I've lost roughly 7~8 lbs and I am so freaking happy I dont want to stop. BUT I do have a question, Should I keep doing insanity for another round of 2 months? Or should I try out p90x first? (after this round of insanity?)

My goals are still the same I want to weigh atleast 130 by june and I feel that if I keep up this 7~8lb every month or so I will make my goal but, should I try something out, to work towards my goal? Or should I stick with what I know?

I can't believe looking at my pictures of me from last year look so different compared to now, I never realized how big I was. I've finally found out what works for me, and I couldn't be happier. Now I hate the phrase "If I can do it, so can you" (I absolutely hate hate hate it) But unfortunately I'm about to use it on you guys.

If I (a person who looooooves soda and junkfoods and pizza and just about everything) can push those aside and practice self control (put it this way, Do I really need that pringle? Do I really need that coke? do I really need to have a cupcake? Do I really need that slice of pizza? Do I really need to have another sandwich?), it's not easy in the beginning trust me, but so can you. And it is so worth it in the end.

HA I forgot to mention my goal, I started (again officially when I started insanity) with 194 lbs on October 21st, I now weigh 186.6 lbs, which is probably the lightest I've ever been since I was 13? maybe 12? I'm 19 years old turning 20 in February I want to weight at least 160 by then, and 130 by June. Gosh I'm so happy today nothing could bring me down.

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