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6/3/13 12:42 P

Sounds like a great workout

SparkPoints: (5,958)
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Posts: 299
6/3/13 11:28 A

I just finished up Insanity month 1 and am mid-recovery week before I go onto month 2. Can definitely tell my abilities have improved! I am pretty sure that I look like I've lost a little weight, but not much. I haven't eaten 100% great, though. I wanted to focus on just being "better" in the eating department but not worry about being perfect. This is working well for me so far.

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6/2/13 1:19 P

I bought Insanity about 1 year ago. I started the program and did one month before I went on summer vacation (canoeing, camping).
When I started, I was very unfit and had to modify a lot and take lots of breaks; but even after one month, I could portage the canoes and haul the camping gear much easier (I could even keep up with my husband and 2 sons which was why I bought the Insanity DVDs in the first place).
Now, one year later, I do various of the Insanity DVDs in my daily workout. So, along with my other DVD workouts (low-impact-high-intensity; pilate; yoga), I include 1-2 Insanity workouts each week.
I feel like a new person - so strong and fit and really great cardio recovery (for hiking with the boys, etc).
I still find it hard; but that's why it is continuing to make me stronger.
I really recommend it; as long as your motivated to work really hard!

Edited by: MARGSB at: 6/2/2013 (13:20)

Posts: 442
6/2/13 9:13 A

Thanks for the advice I am purchasing insanity.

Posts: 12
6/2/13 1:38 A

I am currently on my second time round with insanity right now. I love the program. If your primary goal is weight loss, I would definitely choose insanity. I've also done P90X before and didn't like it as much. Here is my view on why not P90X. It is a program made for strength training and muscle building for men. Meaning, there are more upper body days than a program for women would be (that is, for a softer look with curves) When I did P90X, I got into really good shape, but it was the wrong shape for me. It had wider shoulders and heavier upperbody than lower body. Thus, I prefer designing my own weight program. Another down fall is, insanity requires equipments. Add that to your budget.

WIth insanity, you only need space. I train with another girl who is very overweight and she is killing it! THe first little while will be tough. You will take many breaks and that might make you feel unfit, but as long as you push, you will get better. Plus, you can always do the first month more than once before moving on to the next phase. My friend lost 20 lb. in the first month and she cut her breaks in half. It is definitely one that will get you fit and lean.

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Posts: 4
6/1/13 7:30 P

Thanks for the advice y'all. :)

Posts: 1,015
5/29/13 9:20 A

I just sent you a PM about this a little. I would recommend being in at least decent shape to get started.

Posts: 2,858
5/24/13 6:14 P

I would say that you need to be in decent shape to start that routine up. At least an intermediate-level exerciser who can make it through some high-impact moves without absolute discomfort.

I do understand you can modify through it, so I suppose you *could* be a beginner and try it out but I'm not sure if the dread factor of it would scare a person off.

As was mentioned, it's a ton of high-impact moves - lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of jumping, jumping, jumping, jumping... (did I mention jumping?). I'm an advanced exerciser and those workouts scare the bajeezus out of ME.

One thing I would suggest... if you want to save some money and try something that incorporates some of the moves, try out Zuzka's workouts on YouTube. They're nothing to sneeze at, either:

Posts: 703
5/23/13 10:53 P

If your are a beginner or haven't exercised in 6 months, I say no. It is a very intense routine with lots of plyometrics. If you don't have good core strength or neuromuscular efficiency, you are inviting injury. Or it will be too hard and cause so much pain that you will not stick with it. I say check out some videos at the library and build up to it.

Posts: 812
5/23/13 7:27 P

I have tried insanity and it's hard and challenging but fun. To complete the insanity program you have to be 100% determined and I guarantee that if you give 100% to the program you WILL get results; it's well worth it. Good luck!

Edited by: LILLEAN at: 5/23/2013 (19:27)

SparkPoints: (24,461)
Fitness Minutes: (13,320)
Posts: 1,061
5/23/13 6:04 P

I've personally never done a whole lot of Insanity (done a few though and WHOA lol) but I am a HUGE fan of Turbo Fire which is also by Beachbody. If you send me a message via Spark Mail, I can tell you more about it and the different benefits of each type of Beachbody workout!

SparkPoints: (32)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 4
5/23/13 3:59 P

Good luck emoticon

Posts: 442
5/23/13 3:13 P

I am starting Insanity June 1 2013. I hope it can break my plateau. emoticon

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Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 4
5/23/13 2:02 P

Thanks, good luck with the P90x! :))
I may try that one as well/ instead.
Depending on what I find out and what I can afford!


Posts: 185
5/23/13 1:57 P

I have a friend who had a baby a month ago and she has done Insanity and P90X and she looks AMAZING in just one month of doing both programs. I am about to start P90X...I am hoping, not fir huge results, but for a program that keeps me interested and motivated. Good Luck if you chose Insanity...I hope it is a great program!

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Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 4
5/23/13 1:44 P

So I was watching an infomercial on insanity this morning while I was eating my Cheerios, and I have to admit that the pools of sweat and six packs caught my attention.
Well, mostly the six packs.
Anyway I was wondering if anyone has tried it and what kind of results they got?
Or is it just an overpriced collection of exercises I could find elsewhere?
Do I need to already be in good athletic shape to even attempt the program?
I really need to incorporate some exercise into my daily life.
Next week on the cruise it will be running stairs every day.
I'm gonna look so cool ~
But anyway, insanity?! Yes or no?

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