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Input requested for bread makers/recipes

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9/12/12 9:10 A

Great tips, thanks Katie!

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9/11/12 11:43 P

Try artisan bread in 5 minutes.
I love it. Makes fantastic crusty bread really easy. I've been doing the wheat one to keep from killing my diet (is more filling so your not as tempted to over indulge as I am with white crusty baguette right out of the oven!)
I just ordered Healthy bread in 5 minutes from Amazon (along with the cook yourself thin cookbooks - love the show). They have not arrived yet so we'll see. To me this is easier then a bread maker, cheaper and am very happy with results. Make sure you get UNbleached flour or it will NOT work!!

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9/10/12 2:38 P

My husband loves ours. It was a gift several years ago. He doesn't use it through the baking though, just the mix/rise, which saves time/space. When dough's ready he forms/pans how he wants. Our search is for healthy/tasty recipes, we don't look specifically for bread maker recipes, and it works out great for us.

Posts: 153
9/10/12 12:11 P

I've done a quick search of recipes and of conversation topics but I didn't see exactly what I was looking for (feel free to point out something I might have missed).

As the weather cools there is nothing better than home made soups and a big slice of crusty bread. I've been thinking about getting a bread maker but it might be just a passing fancy. I don't want another large appliance that ends up in storage.

Has anyone had any luck with theirs? Are there healthy bread recipes out there for breadmakers, or am I just asking for trouble? Please share your experiences!

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