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7/21/13 10:02 P

Ended up going swimming didn't use my arms but worked my legs... And the hot tub.... Injury is basically fixed, just tender now. Went for my first walk today and I did well... I will stay away from any workouts in that area for a little longer but now I can at least go walking. I did try the bike, but was not able to do it very long.

Thank you both for the tips.

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7/2/13 3:41 P

Man, that's rough, what did you do to it? I've dislocated mine multiple times and haven't had an issue like that. I think the first time I blew it out (and needed 3 guys and a crank in the ER to pop it back it) it hurt from the slightest movement for about 3 days. But a week later jogging only slightly bothered it with the little jarring impact, but it wasn't bad at all and definitely doable.

Coach Jen had a good idea with the stationary bike. An elliptical may be another option. But more importantly, what does your doctor have you doing for rehab exercises for that shoulder?

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7/1/13 2:29 P

Would the stationary bike be an option for you? Did your doctor give any suggestions?

Coach Jen

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7/1/13 2:10 P

I have injured my shoulder. I was wondering what I could do to work out that would not cause pain to my shoulder. My doctor has said I can workout just don't work out the shoulder.

Walking sometimes hurts my shoulder. I know that sounds weird but it does.

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