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HMILLY2020 Posts: 587
5/1/13 7:26 A

I agree. Rest and take some ibprofin if it still hurts but don't exercise it for a few days and see how it feels. If it still hurts after a few days, get an xray just to make sure you didn't get a hairline fracture or something.

I know it sucks resting but you have to do what's best for your body.

WAYCAT Posts: 1,009
5/1/13 2:05 A

Shoulder injuries are never easy to heal, because even if you're resting you are using your shoulder in lots of every day activities, such as getting dressed, taking something out of a cupboard, etc,...

And the shoulder is a complicated joint all round, so speaking from experience I would echo what has already been said and rest your shoulder.

In the past, I've tried to work through shoulder injuries but believe me, it's not something I would do now having learnt the hard way - what would probably have healed within a week took way longer and was far more painful than it should have been, all because I was so impatient to start working out again.

Also, if you've injured your shoulder and then try and work through the pain, when it does eventually heal there is a real risk of permanent weakness in the affected shoulder, thus increasing the risk of further, and possibly, worse injury in the future.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
4/30/13 3:13 P

What she said.

Rest a sore muscle. Never strength train a sore muscle and if you've hurt it bad enough to take a day or two off you should probably wait another week or two before putting heavy loads back on it.

See a professional if it doesn't feel better in a day or so.

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (195,782)
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Posts: 26,959
4/30/13 2:02 P

If you're still feeling some discomfort this morning, you should lay off any exercise for the time being. You could take a walk, but try not to swing your arm too vigorously.

Give your body a few days off to see if the shoulder will heal on its own. If you try to exercise before it has healed, you risk making the injury worse. so, take a few days off. If the pain doesn't seem to decrease after rest and maybe an ice pack, you definitely want to talk to your doctor.

You really can't try to strength train. Your shoulders are your stabilizing muscle. If they aren't working properly, none of your other muscles will work properly. Thus the reason to lay off any strength training or activities that aggravate the muscle. just rest a few days and maybe put an ice pack on it to reduce any inflammation.

Talk to your doctor if it doesn't seem to improve after rest/ice.

JILLYBEAN60 SparkPoints: (9,722)
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Posts: 17
4/30/13 1:51 P

I injured the muscle under my shoulder blade in spinning class yesterday. I decided not to exercise today to give it a rest. Would it have been better to do some strength training? I considered it, but then changed my mind. Any suggestions?

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